Antonyms for canny:

honest, naive.

Synonyms for canny:

Sense 1

careful, savvy, able.

Sense 2

saving, provident, sparing, thrifty.

Sense 3


Sense 4

economical, prudent.

Other synonyms and related words:

careful, able, chary, deep, artful, apt, cagey, comfy, clear-sighted, cagy, hardheaded, Sharp-witted, snug, hard-boiled, cozy, prudent, heady, thrifty, clear-eyed, saving, savvy, sparing, provident, relaxed, frugal, economical.

clever, artful (adjective)

cunning, slick, slippery, prudent, perspicacious, adroit, knowing, skillful, quick, astute, smart, smooth, able, cagey, wise, sly, quick-witted, subtle, ingenious, sagacious, foxy, frugal, intelligent, wary, careful, streetwise, shrewd.

cunning (adjective)

scheming, feline, devious, wary, masterly, calculating, smooth, sly, tricky, snaky, serpentine, subtle, crafty, wily, shrewd, cunning, designing, astute, ingenious, deft, sharp, skillful, masterful, quick, slippery, artful, slick, witty, clever, foxy.

economical (adjective)

frugal, thrifty.

intelligent (adjective)

bright, knowing, intelligent, capable, intellectual, knowledgeable, profound, wise, Comprehending, clever, perspicacious, sagacious, astute, gifted, brilliant, sharp, encyclopedic, smart, brainy, cogent, sophisticated, erudite, worldly, genius.

intuitive (adjective)

cunning, shrewd, instinctive, clever, artful, tricky, wily, far-sighted, insightful, instinctual, sophisticated, intuitive, astute, sly, crafty.

knowing (adjective)

erudite, intellectual, competent, versed, omniscient, shrewd, wise, experienced, cognizant, learned, knowing, educated, streetwise, intelligent, encylopedic.

sagacious (adjective)


sharp (adjective)


witty (adjective)

deft, urbane, shrewd, resourceful, artful, adroit, witty, sly, brilliant, waggish, scintillating, dry, clever, quick, intelligent, astute, quick-witted, facetious, sharp, funny, joking, cunning, pointed, comical, tricky, crafty, foxy, sparkling, inventive, sophisticated, subtle, scurrilous, pithy, ingenious, wily, droll, sarcastic, jocular, smart.

Sense 2 (noun)

careful, savvy.

Sense 3 (noun)

economical, sparing, prudent, frugal, thrifty, provident, saving.

canny (noun)

cagy, cagey, clever, smart.

clever (noun)


prudent (noun)


Usage examples for canny:

  • There's something no canny aboot the cratur, an' doobtless ye was an ill used wuman, an' ye're i' the richt. - "Malcolm", George MacDonald.
  • Canny kind o' fesh a porpoise, but they're much finer than these in the Clyde. - "Steve Young", George Manville Fenn.
  • By instinct he was canny at a trade- what mountaineer is not? - "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come", John Fox.

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