Pronunciation of Capsule
/kˈapsjuːl/, /kˈapsjuːl/, /k_ˈa_p_s_j_uː_l/

Synonyms for capsule:

Sense 1

hump, spacewalk, the space age, space station, space shuttle, nasa, cloven hoof, genitals, dorsal, splash down, pill, snout, muzzle, rover, apollo, hindquarters, paw, spacesuit, cosmonaut, shuttle, quill, forefoot, mission control, blast off, astronaut, foreleg, womb, flipper, spaceman, bony, hock, tracking station, haunch, geostationary, antler, shank, gantry, lunar module, hind, spacewoman, moonwalk, trotter, teat, udder, space probe, orbiter, launch pad, reentry, carapace, tentacle, spaceship, anatomical, sac, medicine, Cape Canaveral, suborbital.

Sense 2

underbelly, horn, pouch, claw, payload, fruit, satellite, rump, module, launch, spine, shoulder, lift off, fly by, blowhole, proboscis.

Sense 3

flank, probe, dock, arm, stalk, anatomy, throat, tail, tablet, trunk, belly, prickle.

Sense 4

booster, rocket, mission.

Sense 6


Sense 7






Other synonyms and related words:

digest, apollo, crisp, monosyllabic, lozenge, astronaut, condensate, abridgement, hock, foreleg, compression, condensing, ejector seat, breviary, curt, haunch, constringe, anatomical, launch, sum up, dorsal, sum, shoulder, armor, paw, antler, capsulize, throat, teat, terse, cocoon, body, laconic, epitome, apothegmatic, capsulate, abridgment, covering, compact, casing, concise, shell, space capsule, reentry, contraction, hindquarters, satellite, medicine, cosmonaut, booster, compress, horn, spacewoman, summary, condensation, sac, rump, encapsulation, SUMMA, cap, anatomy, spaceman, elliptical, belly, condense, underbelly, prickle, rocket, shuttle, muzzle, spaceship, shank, precis, tail, module, proboscis, flipper, tentacle, lunar module, summing up, compendious, succinct, claw, dock, thumbnail, ejection seat, synopsis, brief, udder, mission, spacecraft, snout, jacket, capsulise, hull, carapace, tablet, pad, pill, encapsulate, epigrammatic, flank, spine, telegraphic, conspectus, aphoristic, arm, pod, outline, blowhole, husk, bony.

Sense 1 (noun)

cap, tablet, pill, medicine.

Sense 2 (noun)

belly, antler, anatomy, body, spacecraft, anatomical, satellite, arm, bony, blowhole, carapace.

Sense 3 (noun)

booster, Cape Canaveral, apollo, blast off, astronaut, cosmonaut.

capsule (noun)

encapsulate, capsulate, abridgment, abridgement, ejection seat, condensation, ejector seat, space capsule, capsulise, capsulize.

case (noun)

coffer, casket, crib, canister, carton, case, chest, hutch, bin, sheath, holster, container, portfolio, quiver, scabbard, file, cedar chest, crate, box, socket, rack, folio.

covering (noun)


space capsule (noun)

lunar module, spaceship, module.

synopsis (noun)


tablet, usually medicine (noun)

cap, pill, lozenge.

troche (noun)


change (verb)

capsulise, encapsulate, capsulize.

Usage examples for capsule:

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