Synonyms for caricature:

exaggerated (adjective)

exaggerated, hyperbolic, embellished, Overrated, overpraised, burlesque, Overvalued, overestimated, overdeveloped, distorted, Aggrandized, overstated.

Sense 1

line drawing, rubbing, study, view, matchstick man, daub, drawing, engraving, mezzotint, triptych, life drawing, old master, canvas, Redraw, schmaltz, inset, sculpture, silhouette, sketch, linocut, etch, oil, miniature, watercolor, tracing, collage, overlay, mural, oil painting, bas relief, self-portrait, pastel, illustrate, woodcut, primitive, hologram, woodblock, landscape, diptych, painting, fresco, seascape, etching, portrait, limited edition, print, lithograph, scribble.

Sense 2

doodle, draw, crayon, mime, tableau, airbrush, original, shade, overhead, aquatint, installation, gouache.

Sense 3

projection, stencil, trace, paint, take off.

Sense 4

imitate, picture.

Sense 7

abstract, DO.




overestimate, overestimated, hyperbolize.

Other synonyms and related words:

extravaganza, picture, stretching, view, DO, airbrush, collage, coloring, imitate, tracing, take off, mime, abstract, Embroidering, print, elaboration, rubbing, shade, sketch, hologram, daub, magnification, imposture, watercolor, tableau, act, mural, installation, mezzotint, Redraw, scribble, overlay, drawing, woodcut, painting, draw, bas relief, embroidery, ape, overhead, doodle, schmaltz, diptych, padding, etch, personation, illustrate, rib.

Sense 1 (noun)

canvas, collage, diptych, daub, abstract, aquatint, doodle, bas relief.

Sense 2 (noun)

picture, portrait.

Sense 3 (noun)

illustrate, paint, sketch, shade, draw, etch, trace, Redraw.

caricature (noun)

imitation, impersonation, ape.

communication (noun)

imitation, impersonation.

exaggerated description in writing, drawing (noun)

imitation, parody, burlesque, takeoff, sham, distortion, ridicule, lampoon, satire, travesty, mockery, mimicry, farce, cartoon.

exaggeration (noun)

embellishment, hyperbole, overdevelopment, exaggeration, overestimation, distortion, overstatement, aggrandizement, overvaluation.

imitation (noun)

portrayal, reflection, duplication, sham, carbon, duplicate, resemblance, emulation, mimicry, echo, parody, representation, impersonation, reproduction, replication, mirror, counterfeit, parallel, simulation, imitation, copy, pretense, pseudo, spoof.

misrepresentation (noun)

farce, satire, fake, misrepresentation, lampoon, takeoff, cartoon.

ridicule (noun)

irony, sneering, indignity, contempt, denigration, scorn, mockery, deprecation, shame, abasement burlesque, travesty, derision, humiliation, ridicule, roast, flippancy, jesting, joke, insult, disgrace, irreverence, fun, taunt.

communication (verb)


exaggerate (verb)

exaggerate, hyperbolize, embellish, overrate, Overdevelop, aggrandize, overstate, stretch, overvalue, distort, overpraise, overestimate.

ridicule (verb)

humiliate, gibe, deprecate, mock, deride, jeer, ride, jest, kid, quip, razz, sneer, rag, denigrate, scoff, mimic.

Usage examples for caricature:

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