Synonyms for cash:

Sense 1

cashier's check, lettuce, mazuma, chequebook, counterfoil, check stub, banknote, electronic purse, dinero, long green, gelt, paper money, checkbook, cabbage, traveler's check, moola, DOSH, new money, postal order, payee, personal check, monies, rubber check, payment, loose change, medium of exchange, check card, funny money.

Sense 2

liquidate, appropriation, uncertified, obverse, denomination, blank check, small change, P.O., shekel.

Sense 3


Sense 4

kite, draw on, brass, clearance.

Sense 5

green, bounce.

Sense 6

face, jack, fund.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 11

present, head.

Sense 20


Other synonyms and related words:

gelt, dinero, immediate payment, legal tender, brass, bread, face, cash in, shekel, hard currency, chip, long green, lolly, clear, liquidate, kite, hard cash, specie, present, buck, cash in on, obverse, monies, payment, cabbage, shekels, loose change, kale, uncertified, jack, mazuma, coin, banknote, lettuce, appropriation, piece, counterfoil, clearance, finance, DOSH, fund, paper money, moola, denomination, tail, green, pelf, small change, medium of exchange.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

check stub, blank check, bounce, checkbook, chequebook, check card, payment, cashier's check.

Sense 3 (noun)

green, bread, lettuce, long green, gelt, brass, moola, cabbage, mazuma, jack.

assets (noun)

payment, assets, capital, stock, treasure, wherewithal, wealth, funds.

bread (noun)


cash (noun)

hard currency, immediate payment, cash in, hard cash.

coin (noun)

specie, copper.

currency (noun)

legal tender, currency, moolah, paper money, hard cash, bread, DOSH, dough, pounds, money.

metal money (noun)


money (noun)

greenback, lucre, money order, iou, stock, pounds, loot, bread, money, change, dough, bankroll, coupon, wampum, assets, silver, receipts, copper, sterling, proceeds, issue, note, pocket money, draft, purse, nugget, bullion, bank note, check, coinage, wherewithal, gross, currency, worth, bill, wad, wallet, treasure, net worth, wealth, dollar, spending money, ingot, funds, promissory note, bond, moolah, swag, scratch, profit, income, ways and means, fortune, gold, balance sheet, capital, petty cash.

money; assets (noun)

stock, bullion, coinage, coin, treasure, bread, funds, scratch, banknote, dough, cabbage, wampum, wherewithal, buck, dinero, currency, legal tender, note, payment.

paper currency (noun)

paper money.

payment (noun)


possession (noun)

hard currency, hard cash.

wealth (noun)

long green, wealth.

exchange for real money (verb)

liquidate, change.

possession (verb)

cash in.

Usage examples for cash:

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