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Synonyms for catching:

Sense 1

disabling, stubborn, nervous, mortal, life-threatening, infantile, second-degree, nonspecific, pathological, asymptomatic, Strangulated, curable, psychosomatic, opportunistic, multiple, inflammatory, morbid, neurodegenerative, tubercular, self-inflicted, benign, autoimmune, congenital, refractory, psychiatric, self-induced, suspected, niggling, waterborne, quiescent, Treatable, third degree, generalized, degenerative, untreated, clinical, sporadic, perforated, focal, unresponsive, fungal, wasting, virulent, systemic, operable, depressive, noninvasive, inoperable, rheumatic.

Sense 2

incurable, malignant, chronic, severe, first degree, febrile, traumatic, low-grade, inactive, invasive, parasitic, primary.

Sense 3

terminal, local, take.

Sense 4

advanced, acute, mild, viral.



Other synonyms and related words:

genetic, spreading, espial, hereditary, communicable, ancestral, local, inflammatory, inoperable, detective work, capture, advanced, asymptomatic, wasting, life-threatening, contractable, signal detection, virulent, stubborn, epidemic, terminal, staining, contracting, quiescent, patrimonial, traumatic, malignant, opportunistic, sleuthing, mortal, severe, charming, unresponsive, incurable, psychosomatic, waterborne, infectious, spotting, nonspecific, curable, familial, primary, low-grade, generalized, maculation, sporadic, niggling, invasive, transmittable, disabling, undercover work, transmissible, sensing, take, chronic, detection, parasitic, noninvasive, viral, spying, contagious.

all (adjective)

communicable, transmissible, transmittable, contractable, contagious.

communicable (adjective)

transmittable, contagious, taking.

contagious (disease) (adjective)

communicable, taking, transmittable, infectious, epidemic.

widespread (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

asymptomatic, benign, advanced, chronic, autoimmune, clinical, congenital, acute.

catching (noun)

espial, contagious, contractable, detection, transmissible, transmittable, communicable, infectious, spying, spotting, contracting.

contagious (noun)

epidemic, virulent.

take (noun)


acquiring (verb)

Palming, Luring, Retrieving, Accumulating, wrangling, Receiving, Claiming, Adding, Garnering, buying, Heaping, scoring, landing, incurring, purchasing, fetching, Pocketing, assuming, Cornering, netting.

capturing (verb)

taking, Achieving, arresting, Capturing, getting, Snatching, Apprehending, Collaring, Snaring, Securing, abducting, Gaining, seizing, capture, winning, Obtaining, Occupying.

hindering (verb)

stopping, Bunging, Impairing, constraining, dragging, Delaying, blocking, Complicating, Paralyzing, bottlenecking, impeding, Burdening, Plugging, Damming, Staying, Crimping, countering, Deterring, Fouling, restricting, braking, curbing, Restraining, congesting, Resisting, Interrupting, Handicapping, choking, Miring, Hampering, jamming, Snagging, Entangling, thwarting, Checking, opposing, baffling, Encumbering, frustrating, fettering, Cramping, inhibiting, Snarling, Clogging, crippling, Detaining, Entrapping, constipating, barring, Tangling, Obstructing, Hamstringing, hindering.

taking (verb)

impounding, Confiscating, bagging, harvesting, Grabbing, Commandeering, Appropriating, Monopolizing, Annexing, Levying, Usurping, Amassing, Nabbing, acquiring, collecting, gathering, Reaping, Procuring, Depriving.

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