Synonyms for center:

Sense 2

contour, huddle, squad, fondant, club, signing, crossroad, stronghold, visitor, racer, boy, cusp, striker, offense, mid, conference, substitute, shooter, insertion, lock away, citadel, chew, marshmallow, unmarked, league, Easter Egg, standing, shoehorn, team, lineup, megaplex, pastille, complex, keeper, cross-section, jimmy, whereabouts, entomb.

Sense 3

caramel, peppermint, capital, defense, headquarters, pack up, server, seed, overload, bottle, blue, ram, inset, slot into, location, international, wild card, slot in, junior, field, player.

Sense 4

chocolate, belly, embed, setting, command, professional, end, channel, site, string, tuck, mint, sector.

Sense 5

development, reserve, load, bury, gum, inside, sprinkle, insert.

Sense 6

block, scene, crisp, bed, wing, squeeze, forward, sweet, bag, thread, transfer, package.

Sense 7

pack, pocket, stuff, bottom, quick, root.

Sense 8

seat, spot, feed.

Sense 9

squash, back.

Sense 10

face, box.

Sense 11

fit, position, base, part.

Sense 12


Sense 13

way, corner.

Sense 18


Sense 20



foul out, dunk, turnover, the NBA, tip off, hoop, slam dunk, goaltending, backboard, basketball, walk, net, swish, rebound, in-bounds, lay up, guard, jump ball, basket, travel, full-court press, time out, foul line, field goal, jump shot.






football player.









nerve centre

Nerve Centre.





Other synonyms and related words:

gumdrop, amount, fit, channel, amount of money, means, village, hacker, huddle, league, mid, club, bottle, focalise, stuff, bottom, marrow squash, international, gum, consolidate, perfume, basket, net, inside, reduce, keeper, conference, center field, quick, piazza, sharpen, tenderness, overfill, barracks, core group, jawbreaker, defense, tailback, stub, wedge, cracker, bag, hitter, shooter, backfield, total, travel, common snapping turtle, location, load, sector, in-between, gist, cram, concenter, walk, bosom, sum total, reserve, venue, promenade, bone marrow, setting, revolve around, in-bounds, Nerve Centre, burden, command, snapper, mettle, unmarked, halfway, sportsman, outfielder, center on, rivet, locale, peewee, mint, inwardness, decoct, centerfield, medial, ladder, boy, insertion, mall, wing, unite, center of gravity, shopping centre, praline, hypotenuse, popsicle, warmness, face, capital, server, navel, middle-of-the-road, heart and soul, ram, bury, vegetable marrow, transfer, plaza, join, digest, junior, affectionateness, affection, block, hoop, capitol, sum, metropolis, squad, crisp, circle around, Nubble, nerve center, guard, centralise, centrist, pump, focalize, midriff, way, scene, signing, sprinkle, base, central, sweet, circle round, crate, player, insides, midsection, city, back, concentrate on, boil down, message, striker, feed, crossroad, seed, corner, union, racer, tuck, meaning, citadel, content, sportswoman, oculus, midway, summation, shopping mall, aggregate, unify, shopping center, seat, right-winger, standing, pith, focus on, place, fullback, substance, nave, embed, sweeper, development, totality, eye, fondness, pack, sherbert, nitty-gritty, pore, sum of money, end, condense, contract, goaltending, turnover, root, warmheartedness, vicinity, substitute, centre, ticker, center of attention, megaplex, contour, pocket, effect, spunk, revolve about, peppermint, sub, crosstrainer, blue, mediate, yolk, headquarters, bed, chocolate, ballplayer.

all (adjective)

middle, midway, halfway.

central (adjective)


middle (adjective)

mean, medial, midway, inside, mid, midpoint.

yellow (adjective)


Sense 3 (noun)

headquarters, barracks, block, huddle, apartment complex, seat, development, megaplex, complex.

Sense 4 (noun)

bottle, cram, bottom, bed, root, crate, box, embed, bag, entomb, quick, bury.

Sense 5 (noun)

locale, venue, site, channel, location, setting, whereabouts, scene.

Sense 6 (noun)

center of gravity, inside, belly, cross-section.

Sense 7 (noun)

candy apple, candyfloss, bonbon, candy bar, caramel, candy cane, candy, chew, bubble gum.

artifact (noun)


average (noun)


basketball (noun)

dunk, foul out, backboard, field goal, full-court press, foul line, basketball, goaltending, basket.

concentrate (noun)

unify, unite, consolidate.

focus (noun)

forum, marrow, heart, meat, axle, focus, core, rally, crossing, kernel, essence, intersection, asymptote, lure, polestar, crux, bottleneck, gathering, funnel, nucleus, epitome, lodestar, spirit, plenum, hub, magnet, soul, rendezvous.

headquarters (noun)


location (noun)

eye, middle, centre, heart.

mid (noun)

medial, central.

middle (noun)

epicenter, axis, median, midpoint, halfway point, half, medium, mediocrity, half-and-half, middle, bisection, nub, average, midst, mean, pivot.

middle point (noun)

focus, quick, nucleus, polestar, heart, hub, pith, core, marrow, pivot, midst, kernel, gist, navel, nave, seat, essence, place, root, axis.

point of attraction for visitors, shoppers, travelers (noun)

city, plaza, nerve center, capital, club, metropolis, shopping center, mall.

small town (noun)


centralize (verb)

concentrate, centralize.

concentrate, draw together (verb)

concenter, centralize, focalize, consolidate, gather, join, unify.

focus (verb)

gather, intersect, converge.

stative (verb)

concentrate on, revolve around, revolve about, center on, focus on.

Usage examples for center:

  • Delgratz is the nerve center now. - "A Son of the Immortals", Louis Tracy.
  • The country school is the chief center of interest in each school district. - "Community Civics and Rural Life", Arthur W. Dunn.

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