Antonyms for clash:

agree, harmonize.

Synonyms for clash:

Sense 1

invitational, playoff, hoot, caterwaul, fight, eyesore, run-in, peal out, field day, peal, monstrosity, disaccord, yowl, drumming, yelp, go together, discordance, fisticuffs, remonstrate, quibble, harry, thud, grudge match, fist fight, come with, Decider, violence, prelims, exhibition match, clack, pentathlon, the Pan American Games, Inharmony, the Commonwealth Games, haggle, splat, clip-clop, clop, bump, rodeo, shock, tournament, rhubarb, honk, battle, quarterfinal, competition, dissentience, blare, coincide, dicker, beep, ruck, feeding frenzy, rematch, triple-header, semifinal, pro-am, dust-up, opposition, ring out, round robin, cavil, go with.

Sense 2

jangle, screech, scraping, concur, running battle, neigh, accompany, ricochet, controversy, scream, toll, thump, debate, outing, olympiad, curtain raiser, overlap, close season, clatter, bye, polemic, mess with, toot, flop, synchronize, fighting, the Olympic Games, tiff, derby, scrunch, racket, semi, excrescence, grand prix.

Sense 3

duel, shrill, rumble, peep, qualifier, deadlock, schism, preliminary, championship, race, spat, shut out, hammering, chink.

Sense 4

final, splash, echo, rattle, rasp, event, argument, faction, war, international, replay, stampede, clump, drum, opener, whack, series.

Sense 5

scrape, stake, explode, whistle, horror, trial, slap.

Sense 6


Sense 7

boom, bang, difficulty, sport, heat.

Sense 8


Sense 9

game, cup, tie.

Sense 10


Sense 11

scratch, round, word.

Sense 12

meet, pop.

Sense 13

card, beat, crown.

Sense 14





haggle, quibble, quarrel, altercate.

Other synonyms and related words:

event, scrum, disaccord, clashing, shake up, racket, clump, chink, jolt, clatter, slap, toot, compete, war, cup, dust-up, blare, tiff, rumble, rattle, showdown, tussle, draw, yelp, copse, quibble, opener, stampede, whistle, Inharmony, impact, argument, battle, pop, toll, thicket, roar, scrape, wreck, bump around, clack, opposition, faction, heat, difficulty, controversy, scrunch, fracas, rematch, bump, fisticuffs, scratch, ring, discordance, brush, qualifier, clop, eyesore, fight, international, bang, whack, scrimmage, violence, crown, collapse, coming upon, combat, rasp, synchronize, tie, ruck, scuffle, crash, meeting, tournament, schism, haggle, contest, hammering, championship, fray, thud, clip-clop, rhubarb, dustup, race, jar, hoot, smash, card, shrill, brushing, derby, debate, flop, series, polemic, meet, bye, duel, light touch, shock, slam, brushwood, fighting, splat, dissentience, competition, rubbing, deadlock, clank, skirmish, clangoring, clang, clangor, word, spat, explode, run-in, ricochet, jangle, coppice, clangour, dicker.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

dicker, cavil, haggle.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

beep, bang, blare, clack, boom.

Sense 8 (noun)

fighting, running battle, fist fight, fight.

Sense 10 (noun)

championship, cup, bye, the Commonwealth Games, card, close season, crown.

Sense 11 (noun)

eyesore, monstrosity, horror, excrescence.

Sense 12 (noun)

meet, duel, race.

battle (noun)


clank (noun)


clash (noun)

clank, friction, crash, clang, skirmish, clangor, clangoring, encounter, clangour, collide, brush, jar.

conflict (noun)

disharmony, hubbub, antagonism, tension, enmity, commotion, hassle, hostility, altercation, friction, collision, raucousness, squall, disagreement, strife, warfare, harshness, imbroglio, antipathy, contention, Discordancy, dissidence, discord, dissension, dissonance, cacophony, animosity.

confrontation (noun)

defiance, confrontation, engagement.

difference (noun)

difference, mismatch, deviation, abnormality, disunity, conflict, Dissemblance, non-uniformity, asymmetry, divergence, counterpoint, diversity, inequality, discrepancy, disparity, distinctness, variation, variety, contradiction, dissimilarity, distinction, aberration, contrast, variance.

disagreement (noun)

argument, disaccord.

disagreement or fight, often brief (noun)

discordance, opposition, jar, confrontation, brawl, battle, dispute, crash, fray, fracas, disharmony, impact, smash, skirmish, broil, row, jolt, collision, riot, showdown, run-in, engagement, encounter, scrimmage, shock, conflict, bump, argument, brush, discord.

discordance (noun)


face-off (noun)

face off.

violence (noun)


conflict (verb)

clamor, riot, blast, disagree, differ, brawl, altercate, broil, spar, collide, dissent, row, antagonize, bicker, contend, squabble, feud.

contact (verb)


contend (verb)

face, vie, defend, resist, quarrel, dispute, argue, encounter, wrangle, oppose, stand, withstand, compete, confront, protest, wrestle, struggle.

contrast (verb)

deviate, contradict, differentiate, diversify, diverge.

disagree (verb)

defy, object, challenge, repudiate, complain, reject, demur.

do not match (verb)

disaccord, contrast, mismatch.

fight about, often verbally (verb)

contend, combat, disagree, differ, argue, feud, wrangle, quarrel, war.

hit with a loud noise (verb)

clank, collide, bang, rattle, clang, jangle, clatter.

Usage examples for clash:

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