Antonyms for classic:

nonclassical, nonstandard, ordinary.

Synonyms for classic:

all (adjective)


excellent (adjective)

exemplary, exquisite, superlative, all-star, prime, excellent, A 1, choice, superior, ace, A plus, splendid, select, above par, fine.

model (adjective)


pure (adjective)


simple (adjective)


tasteful (adjective)

discriminating, artistic, cultivated, delicate, refined, choice, elegant, tasteful, charming, aesthetic, graceful.

Sense 1

historical, serial, ghost story, faction, life story, unconvincing, tragedy, prototypical, masterpiece, folk tale, fantasy, biographical, gory, abridged, fictional, routine, archetypal, swashbuckling, juicy, folklore, tall tale, institutionalized, saving grace, novel, quintessential, comedy, two-hander, historically, time-honored, the sublime, archetypical, mystery play, fanfic, romp, obligatory, parable, peculiarly, nonlinear, traditional, usual, like, life history, phenomenon, fictitious, mainline, typic, spine-chilling, stereotypical, must-have, legend, overripe, black comedy, archetypic, oral history, normally, roman, narrative, conventional, melodrama, tragicomedy, untold, pantomime, horror, prototypal, truthful, beaut, accustomed, marvel, screenplay, typically, nonfiction, legendary, short story, humdinger, prequel, racy, godsend, prototypic, suspenseful, allegory, sequel, subplot, fairy tale, parody, masque, myth, cock-and-bull story, pure, thriller, paradigmatic, fiction, fable, trilogy, inspiration, autobiographical, reminiscence, farce, naturally, customary, romantic, filmic, mythical, tell-all, anecdote, tragic, passion play, horror story, mythic, yarn, urban myth, saga, picaresque, wonted, tearjerker, detective, dream.

Sense 2

peach, vintage, story, miracle, bonanza, showstopper, smasher, follow up, thoroughbred, textured, stunner, perfect, piece of work, mystery, musical, beauty, tale, adaptation.

Sense 3

due, knockout, gift, jewel, pearl, beacon, wonder, wow, drama, full-length, tableau, wizardry.

Sense 4

mime, play, blessing, gold.

Sense 6


Sense 7






Sense 1 (noun)

gory, folklore, fictitious, epic, fictional, autobiographical, abridged, biographical, filmic.

Sense 3 (noun)

drama, detective, comedy, black comedy, cock-and-bull story, allegory, adaptation, anecdote, vintage.

Sense 5 (noun)

marvel, phenomenon, miracle, masterpiece, inspiration, thoroughbred, the sublime, dream.

Sense 6 (noun)


classic (noun)

classical, standard.

model (noun)

exemplar, magnum opus.

Usage examples for classic:

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