Pronunciation of Clever
/klˈɛvə/, /klˈɛvə/, /k_l_ˈɛ_v_ə/

Antonyms for clever:

foolish, brain dead, zany, vacuous, awkward.

Synonyms for clever:

Sense 1

push button, homing, transistorized, submersible, Rube Goldberg, unsophisticated, hydraulic, built, spring-loaded, voice-activated, pump action, cordless, jammed, hard-wired, on-off, user-friendly, on-board, inflatable, unfriendly, fail-safe, redundant, hands-free, right hand, pneumatic, steam, inoperative, Labor-saving, sluggish, heat-seeking, high-performance, one-man, souped-up, programmable, gas-fired, racy, yankee.

Sense 2

automatically, cranky, wireless, first generation, motorized, multiuser, two-way, unmanned, Sharp-witted, readable, broken, unconnected, entry-level, analog, robotic, reliable, right-handed, manned, electrical, ironic, incompatible, female.

Sense 3

foot, mechanical, wired, male, digital, portable, electric, single, plug in, auxiliary.

Sense 4

automatic, power, remote, manual.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10

heavy, on.

Sense 11







acute, nimble-witted.



Other synonyms and related words:

guileful, unsophisticated, inflatable, electric, humorous, dead, Promethean, ready, one-man, dodgy, chary, pertinent, on, intriguing, fast, cagey, broken, original, innovatory, knavish, racy, plug in, skilful, unfriendly, alert, analog, yankee, on-off, automatic, ironic, auxiliary, supersmart, robotic, exceptional, trained, reliable, push button, low, off, cagy, hyperintelligent, happy, originative, redundant, pneumatic, cordless, fail-safe, incisive, keen, cute, innovational, cranky, acute, two-way, wireless, automatically, female, multiuser, homing, hydraulic, remote, jammed, single, high-performance, tricksy, apposite, built, manned, steam, practised, Sharp-witted, innovative, ultrasmart, creative, entertaining, nimble-witted.

all (adjective)


bright, ingenious (adjective)

skilled, versatile, shrewd, sly, able, witty, slick, brilliant, nimble, alert, capable, cunning, astute, adroit, competent, canny, knowledgeable, resourceful, quick, knowing, gifted, foxy, smart, sharp, expert, adept, handy, talented, skillful, apt, keen, sagacious, wise, inventive, intelligent, brainy, cagey, quick-witted.

creative (adjective)

innovative, innovational, originative.

cunning (adjective)

devious, feline, snaky, designing, quick, deft, calculating, cunning, subtle, canny, serpentine, skillful, masterly, sly, wary, witty, artful, astute, ingenious, wily, scheming, sharp, slippery, smooth, foxy, slick, masterful, tricky, crafty, shrewd.

intelligent (adjective)

intellectual, profound, worldly, perspicacious, encyclopedic, sharp, sophisticated, brilliant, brainy, wise, alert, bright, sagacious, knowing, erudite, capable, Comprehending, incisive, cogent, knowledgeable, keen, astute, intelligent, genius, canny, smart, gifted.

intuitive (adjective)

artful, far-sighted, astute, crafty, intuitive, sophisticated, insightful, shrewd, instinctive, sly, canny, wily, instinctual, cunning, tricky.

ironic (adjective)


sagacious (adjective)


sharp (adjective)


skillful (adjective)

capable, deft, expert, cunning, agile, talented, Sure-footed, handy, accomplished, efficient, able, adept, dexterous, competent, ambidextrous, nimble, facile, artful, adroit, crafty, skillful, genius, skilled, proficient, masterful, versatile, apt.

stylish (adjective)

stylish, adroit, talented, adept, graceful, artistic, expressive, eloquent, skillful, artful, capable, deft.

witty (adjective)

foxy, urbane, adroit, subtle, facetious, comical, pithy, sparkling, sarcastic, sly, astute, sophisticated, funny, artful, crafty, pointed, quick, scintillating, dry, wily, resourceful, ingenious, inventive, deft, sharp, joking, brilliant, canny, quick-witted, jocular, smart, witty, shrewd, intelligent, cunning, scurrilous, droll, tricky, waggish.

Sense 1 (noun)

original, Sharp-witted.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

analog, automatic, automatically, auxiliary, cordless, broken, built.

clever (noun)

cagey, canny, smart, cagy, apt, ingenious, artful, intelligent, cunning, adroit.

Usage examples for clever:

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