Pronunciation of Clip
/klˈɪp/, /klˈɪp/, /k_l_ˈɪ_p/

Antonyms for clip:


Synonyms for clip:

Sense 1

calibre, holder, clip-on, entwine, safety catch, conjoin, connective, medallion, earring, bop, slot together, episode, locket, slice off, choker, ammunition, wedding band, tab, interlock, lashings, biff, circlet, slo-mo, bash, suction cup, outtake, trick, pin up, guy rope, nail down, blow, solder, wedding ring, join, anklet, rubber band, time signal, chop off, nosering, hack up, brooch, gouge out, commentary, tiara, action replay, pendant, thrust, cut away, painter, couple, diamante, signet ring, holster, costume jewelry, saw off, hasten, replay, necklace, slow motion, wire, Embosom, knock together, playlist, clout, play-by-play, bracelet, bale, speed, interconnect, yoke, scalp, tie up with, tow rope, bangle, instant replay, diadem, nail up, interlink, whop, towline.

Sense 2

conk, ramrod, lop off, sock, lifeline, smite, rope, moor, nick, pace, wham, bayonet, bore, hold, caliber, incise, velocity, secure, coverage, spank, punch, hug, connect up, pommel, knock, halter, safety belt, thong, tempo, affix, hang, overcharge, ligature, cameo, cable, wallop, smacker, fleece, thwack, whack, etch, silencer, slap, mounting, tether, load, fit together.

Sense 3

fasten, charge, cord, slug, muzzle, bind, race, rejoin, union, bundle, notch, finely, tag, cut-up, embrace, cuff, highlight, lunge, gouge, welt, label, slit, sleeper, shave off, slam, break.

Sense 4

elastic, harness, pop, welcome, fix, gut, trigger, slog, mount, buffet, ring, gauge, graft, smash, spat, connect, slash, attach, enfold.

Sense 5

gag, sling, sight, smack, stud, chamber, strike, barrel.

Sense 6

peg, put up, HIT, stick, cut out, bang.

Sense 7

lick, press, take.

Sense 8

cut off, slice.

Sense 9

bust, hack, soak.

Sense 11


Sense 14


Sense 25



larrup, wallop, whop.



cut short

break short.


cut back.












abbreviate, elide, truncate.

Other synonyms and related words:

cartridge clip, magazine, fasten, dress up, pop, douse, press cutting, garnish, chamber, garment, anklet, whack, plume, cut back, bonk, slug, take, coiffe, newspaper clipping, gauge, trot, smack, choker, preen, caliber, sentence, pound, conjoin, barrel, muzzle, calibre, apparel, brooch, rejoin, cartridge, holder, hack, buffet, clout, clock time, whop, harness, powder magazine, wallop, commentary, press, thud, pelt, browse, square up, trim down, trimming, rate, sleeper, peg, magazine publisher, range, slice, ramrod, clip-on, ramble on, tether, cut away, habilitate, rationalize, charge, pace, hasten, enclothe, curry, squeeze, ramble, finely, metre, even up, knock, cord, circlet, fourth dimension, bop, entwine, trim back, line, pasture, bust, pick, bat, haymaker, welcome, cuff, smash, bring down, clap, bayonet, nosering, raiment, holster, clipping, strike, fleece, cable, attach, coverage, interlock, soak, moor, lash, interlink, speed, notch, snip off, cutting, spat, slap, coif, set, zap, earring, pinch, HIT, poke, lashings, necklace, label, etch, jog, prison term, slog, solder, scalp, powder store, mag, sock, blow, locket, lop off, smite, stinger, restrict, get dressed, rope, enfold, gouge, cut short, twitch, primp, switch, cartridge holder, tab, lunge, play-by-play, race, velocity, couple, smacker, cultivate, chop off, nick, thrust, slam, spank, halter, swat, swipe, bracelet, overcharge, dress out, Embosom, press clipping, snippet, dress, fix, slash, work, mount, decorate, larrup, join, biff, groom, fit out, connect, hug, wire, DO, affix, graze, hammer, snipping, break off, meter, bangle, bundle, bang, Discerp, twinge, thump, thwack, curb, bash, fillip, cameo, clothe, nip off, tempo, cut down, hold, arrange, conk, tweet, time, silencer, welt, secure, pruning, break, embrace, bore, elastic, wham, flash back, punch, garb, coiffure, pendant, deceive, stick, lick, rationalise, tog, break short, episode, sever.

Sense 1 (noun)

break, commentary, coverage, action replay, episode.

Sense 3 (noun)

circlet, smash, knock, pop, conk, thwack, anklet, bangle, bracelet, bash, cameo, whack, choker, brooch, wallop, whop, bop, biff, sock, HIT, swat, slam, slog, clout, smite, wham, costume jewelry, strike, slug.

Sense 4 (noun)

cuff, slap, punch, smack, spat, bust, spank, buffet.

Sense 5 (noun)

gouge, overcharge, soak, nick, scalp, fleece.

Sense 6 (noun)

bore, calibre, caliber, chamber, hammer, bayonet, gauge, barrel.

Sense 7 (noun)

cord, rope, safety belt, holder, rubber band, cable.

Sense 8 (noun)

cut away, chop off, gouge out, lop off.

Sense 9 (noun)

finely, etch, cut-up, cut out.

blow (noun)

slap, poke, thwack, zap.

clip (noun)

crop, lop, nip, trot, cut back, jog, trim, snip, magazine, cartridge holder, nip off, cut short, dress, snip off, time, clipping, prune, cartridge clip, curtail.

fastener (noun)

clasp, cleat, stitch, guy, lace, hook, string, button, brace, hinge, rabbet, agent, cincture, rivet, brad, medium, pin, splice, staple, buckle, catch, bracket, knot, binder, braid, clamp, grapnel, chain, fastener, stay, hitch, mediator, Vinculum, clinch, hasp, hawser, bond, thread, seal, suture, strap, mucilage, spike, link, nail, connector, paste, knitting, ligament, go-between, skewer, lock, fuse, fastening, coupling, latch, cotter, binding, zipper, cinch, belt, snap, twine, weld, bolt, band, tack, middleman, closure, cement, anchor, vise, glue, tie, bonding.

snip (noun)

cut off.

speed (noun)


attach (verb)

hold together.

contact (verb)

nip off, nip, snip, snip off.

cut short (verb)

curtail, slash, cut, crop, bob, lower, shave, cut back, pare, reduce, prune, truncate, dock, shorten, snip, trim, shear, decrease.

diminish (verb)

compress, minimize, condense, abbreviate, dwindle, abridge, shave, nip, reduce, deflate, decrement, shorten, pare, erode, bob, weed, concentrate, downgrade, contract, shrink, taper, compact, prune, deplete, truncate, trim, decrease, lighten, diminish, lessen.

punch (verb)

clout, blow, sock, punch, thump, knock, whack, cuff, smack, wallop.

reject (verb)

chop, cut, eject, abandon, crop, blacklist, drain, cull, bar, oppugn, seep, excrete, discard, exclude, discharge, erupt, scrap, spew, disgorge, check, belch, emit, curtail, excise, jilt, trash, reject, evacuate, exhaust, disclaim, eliminate, junk, vent, deny, disapprove, vomit, jettison, exude, blackball, lop, snip, disallow, deep-six, shear, secrete, shed.

shorten (verb)

lower, belittle.

subtract (verb)

delete, discount, subtract, depreciate, deduct, dock, elide.

Usage examples for clip:

  • " Clip ahead, old lady. - "Rose MacLeod", Alice Brown.
  • In three years she hoped her increase, and share of the clip, would be worth ten thousand dollars, and then she would sell out and go away. - "The Flockmaster of Poison Creek", George W. Ogden.
  • We can clip your wings, too. - "Plays A Protégée of the Mistress; Poverty Is No Crime; Sin and Sorrow Are Common to All; It's a Family Affair--We'll Settle It Ourselves", Alexander Ostrovsky.

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