Synonyms for clone:

Sense 1

heterozygous, dicotyledon, mutate, geneticist, herb, DNA Fingerprinting, palmtop, mutagen, personal organizer, subnotebook, PDA, cross-fertilize, heredity, front-end processor, cactus, reproductive cloning, Gene Pool, sphagnum, cloning, pen computer, sex chromosome, genetic fingerprinting, genetic profiling, personal computer, genetics, laptop, minicomputer, gene, recessive, genetic code, genetically modified, legume, houseplant, vegetable, chromosome, tree, therapeutic cloning, archive site, mutation, homozygous, gm, forerunner, moss, netbook, GMO, personal digital assistant, palm computer, seedling, double helix, genetic, lookalike, wildflower, Tweedledum And Tweedledee, workstation, genetic engineering, fungus, bush, imitator, genetic modification, x chromosome, genome, Gene Therapy, brassica, bedding plant, potted plant, bean, creeper, mini-me, mainframe, supercomputer, y chromosome, genetic screening.

Sense 2

approximation, equivalent, evergreen, hereditary, dominant, mirror, word processor, succulent, pot plant, inherited, perennial, mimic, relative, notebook, computer, version, variant, hybrid, front end, hard-wired, replay, climber, alpine, cross-fertilization, cereal, number cruncher.

Sense 3

repeat, rival, sequence, miniature, vine, weed, variety, crop, echo, grass, pass on, annual, locus.

Sense 4

peer, vector, flower.

Sense 5

plant, parallel, equal, inherit.

Sense 6


Sense 12

cross, set.

Sense 21


Other synonyms and related words:

cross-fertilize, peer, reduplication, mutation, hybrid, climber, vector, moss, echo, approximation, vegetable, spitting image, dominant, cross, carbon copy, clon, ringer, set, front end, alpine, geneticist, gm, counterpart, plant, mimic, sphagnum, succulent, bell ringer, cereal, locus, duplication, look-alike, cloning, knockoff, computer, carrier, doppelganger, lookalike, dead ringer, cactus, cross-fertilization, equal, minicomputer, match, replication, reduplicate, chromosome, mutate, perennial, inherit, picture, hereditary, supercomputer, toller, render, repeat, mirror, creeper, legume, personal computer, grass, workstation, bush.

Sense 2 (noun)

parallel, equivalent, approximation, echo.

Sense 3 (noun)

computer, front-end processor, laptop, archive site, front end.

Sense 4 (noun)

cross-fertilize, carrier, cross, carry, cloning, cross-fertilization, chromosome.

clone (noun)


double (noun)


duplicate (noun)

duplicate, image, copy, model, facsimile, carbon, likeness, icon, representation, xerox, double, replica, ditto, simulacrum, counterfeit, imitation, resemblance, parody, reproduction.

exact duplicate (noun)

reproduction, duplicate, copy, double.

look-alike (noun)

look-alike, lookalike.

person (noun)

dead ringer, ringer.

personal computer (noun)


reproduction (noun)


copy exactly (verb)

replicate, reproduce, repeat.

duplicate (verb)

replicate, reproduce.

reproduce (verb)

transcribe, trace, imitate, procreate.

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