Pronunciation of Closed
/klˈə͡ʊzd/, /klˈə‍ʊzd/, /k_l_ˈəʊ_z_d/

Antonyms for closed:

unrestricted, nonunion, receptive, gaping, unshuttered, open, yawning, unenclosed.

Synonyms for closed:

Sense 1

convex, curved, bloody-minded, hard core, aired, stuffy, hidebound, concave, regular, meat and potatoes, curvy, bigot, contorted, rounded, deformed, dyed-in-the-wool, oval, neoconservative, congruent, suburban, reactionary, determined, adamant, misshapen, implacable, graceful, three-cornered, blinkered, unbending, Proportioned, stodgy, two-dimensional, globular, Fitted, aerodynamic, sinuous, silhouetted, willful, destined, narrow-minded, pointed, geometric, intransigent, forked, pointy, curly, asymmetrical, small-minded, corrugated, tapered, intractable, sweeping, angular, cussed, unadventurous, parochial, airy, tapering, pigheaded, symmetrical, obdurate, concentric, Hard-headed, shapely, unreconstructed, close-minded, immovable, similar, bigoted, stiff-necked, sculptured, well-turned, small town, cuboid, intolerant, headstrong, shaped, self-willed, contoured, malformed, convoluted.

Sense 2

sectarian, rugged, square, twisted, rolled-up, chunky, well-rounded, stubborn, obstinate, regularly, peaked, foursquare, struck, inflexible.

Sense 3

round, wraparound, established, narrow, bent, set, rigid, three-dimensional, conservative.

Sense 4


Sense 6


Sense 10



restricted, exclusive.

Other synonyms and related words:

small town, peaked, stubborn, clenched, solid, restricted, neoconservative, bloody-minded, narrow-minded, well-rounded, bent, unreconstructed, chunky, closed in, determined, conservative, stuffy, unlikeable, out of use, parochial, bigoted, close-minded, struck, unlikable, rigid, compressed, concentric, convex, narrow, concave, intolerant, hidebound, twisted, sinuous, inactive, flat, secure, malformed, graceful, intractable, unadventurous, folded, regularly, disagreeable, union, adamant, unreceptive, pointy, obstinate, suburban, inflexible, winking, unsympathetic, drawn, shuttered, small-minded, exclusive, unbending, stiff-necked, stoppered, unopened, deformed, three-dimensional, enclosed, intransigent, well-turned, unopen, Hard-headed, rolled-up, clean, meat and potatoes, immovable, unappealing, contoured, wraparound, squinting, airtight, blinking, bigot, asymmetrical, up, pigheaded, angular, tight, squinched, two-dimensional, unkindly, rugged, obdurate, willful, self-willed, silhouetted, sectarian, aerodynamic, set.

bound (adjective)

strung, knotted, fused, Welded, Sutured, fastened, linked, Cemented, coupled, Stayed, laced, Bracketed, chained, tied, stitched, connected, zipped, threaded, Strapped, Buckled, glued, pasted, bound, Hinged, clinched, knit.

ceased (adjective)

quit, discontinued, Ceased, Culminated, Refrained, ended, suspended, Paused, Stayed, terminated, halted, broken, stopped, abandoned, interrupted.

closed (adjective)

sealed, stopped, corked, fastened, shut, secured, locked, obstructed, hermetic, plugged, latched, choked.

covered (adjective)


exclusive, independent (adjective)


finished, terminated (adjective)

ended, concluded.

limited (adjective)


plugged (adjective)

tapped, corked, covered, plugged, stopped.

shut, out of service (adjective)

fastened, sealed, locked, folded.

Sense 1 (noun)

narrow, conservative, inflexible, bloody-minded, narrow-minded, stubborn, rigid, intolerant.

Sense 2 (noun)

chunky, angular, asymmetrical, aerodynamic, clean, concentric, concave, bent.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

restricted, exclusive.

approached (verb)

Impended, come, accessed, Gained, advanced, Loomed, Approached, Converged, Came, Neared.

ceased (verb)

Desisted, Remitted, broke.

closed (verb)

locked, bolted, airtight, clenched, secure, barricaded, unopened, fastened, jammed, sealed, joined, blocked, latched, up, shut, secured.

completed (verb)

graduated, fulfilled, integrated, Arrived, finished, accomplished, finalized, Achieved, consummated, filled, executed, completed, unified, concluded.

ended (verb)

exited, wrapped up, expired, winded up, deceased, Checkmated, passed away, wound up, Died, capped, passed on.

plugged (verb)

Bunged, corked, covered, plugged, tapped.

Usage examples for closed:

  • The door was closed and he was alone. - "Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew", Robert McReynolds.
  • She closed the door and left him there. - "Thirty Indian Legends", Margaret Bemister.
  • The door which I reached first was closed. - "The Car of Destiny", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

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