Pronunciation of Cloudy
/klˈa͡ʊdi/, /klˈa‍ʊdi/, /k_l_ˈaʊ_d_i/

Synonyms for cloudy:



Sense 1

water vapor, cumulus, roiled, storm cloud, cumulonimbus, fogbound, opacity, Thunderhead, sea mist, cirrocumulus, thundercloud, cirrostratus, vapor, inexplicit, cirrus, blurry, undistinct, scud.

Sense 2

ambiguous, nimbus, indefinite, pall, equivocal, translucent, roily, transparency, pellucid, crystalline.

Sense 3

mist, column, thick, billow, clarity, lower.

Sense 4

steam, fog, cloud, blinding.

Sense 5

uncertain, gather.

Sense 8



wet, damp.

Other synonyms and related words:

cloud-covered, overclouded, gather, uncertain, glum, miasmic, grey, bank, boggy, cumulus, waterlogged, mirky, disconsolate, lonesome, heavy, deep, dense, crystalline, roiled, sunless, cirrus, dull, nebular, cimmerian, vaporous, vapor, cloud, clarity, clouded, roily, forlorn, smoggy, miasmal, inexplicit, overcast, sloppy, cloudlike, squashy, brumous, desolate, indefinite, miry, lower, mucky, nebulous, mist, fogbound, sloughy, muddy, ambiguous, threatening, blurry, bleak, dingy, steam, scud, muddied, cheerless, marshy, lowering, damp, thick, soupy, dire, befogged, dreich, unfixed, Beclouded, wet, funereal, cirrostratus, pall, gray, depressing, equivocal, transparency, lugubrious, tenebrous, swampy, undistinct, Hazed, chill, nebulose, dirty, saturnine, sullen, leaden, column.

all (adjective)

nebulous, nebulose.

bubbly (adjective)

frothy, fizzy, Lathered, bubbly, effervescent, foamy.

dark (adjective)

dreary, gloomy, dark, shady, shadowy, umbrageous, sunless, sooty, lightless, inky, silhouetted, cimmerian, obscure, dim, dusky, dismal, swarthy, shaded, somber, murky, darkened, overcast, black.

darkish (adjective)


dim (adjective)

hazy, shadowy, dim, foggy, vague, murky, indistinct, filmy, faint, half-lit, bleary.

dull (adjective)


hazy; darkened (adjective)

dull, dark, indistinct, indefinite, obscure, lowering, somber, sullen, vaporous, misty, dismal, murky, mucky, dim, overcast, sunless, dusky, nebulous, opaque, leaden, dense, gloomy, muddy, foggy, heavy.

nebulous (adjective)


obscure (adjective)

shapeless, opaque, turbid, hazy, imprecise, indefinite, unintelligible, amorphous, formless, vague, Obfuscated, foggy, obscure, incoherent.

opaque (adjective)

opaque, hazy, murky, vague, impenetrable, obscure, unclear, dark, muddied.

semitransparent (adjective)

gauzy, limpid, fuzzy, unclear, misty, filmy, hazy, murky, bleary, semi-opaque, milky, diaphanous, foggy, semi-opalescent, semitransparent, veiled.

shaded (adjective)


shady (adjective)


Sense 3 (noun)

translucent, roiled, transparent, crystal clear, crystalline, roily.

Sense 4 (noun)

equivocal, inexplicit, uncertain.

Sense 5 (noun)

undistinct, indefinite.

cloudy (noun)

dull, hazy, muddy, leaden, misty, grey, nebulose, cloud-covered, threatening, mirky, cloudlike, nebulous, turbid, brumous, smoggy, gray, lowering, vaporous, opaque, sullen, heavy, overcast, foggy, miasmal, murky, nebular, miasmic, clouded, sunless, indistinct.

Usage examples for cloudy:

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