Pronunciation of Collar
/kˈɒlə/, /kˈɒlə/, /k_ˈɒ_l_ə/

Synonyms for collar:

Sense 1

hassock, turtleneck, tithe, splint, accost, Plaster Of Paris, shoulder pad, cuff, psalter, cassock, gusset, talon, altar, care label, hemline, frock, graven image, inside leg, armhole, sacrament, feather, wafer, coattails, biretta, corner, beak, corset, hip pocket, lapel, tourniquet, the Holy Grail, cotton wool ball, crew neck, shirttail, plaster cast, choke chain, rood screen, patch pocket, the Eucharist, scoop neck, crucifix, cotton wool, neckline, shirtsleeves, pantyliner, vestment, plumage, stoup, flies, facing, waistband, washer, madonna, collection plate, cotton ball, first-aid kit, eye patch, cockscomb, bodice, font, stirrup, rosary, circle, gypsum, Inseam, flea collar, band, brace, gizzard, Easter Egg, stigmata, shirtfront, grommet, breast pocket, ice pack, holy water, wingtip, wing collar, poultice, surplice, talk at, truss.

Sense 2

ladder, ring, wattle, cotton, elbow, v neck, bandage, shoulder, finger, neck, tuck, walking stick, shoulder strap, buttonhole, band aid, walker, cane, support, dressing, icon, hem, skirt, tabernacle, mandible, lint, dart, pickup, waistline.

Sense 3

quill, sleeve, staff, vent, hood, strap, crutch, stoop, crest, side split, turn up, waist, web, plate, heel, knee, swab.

Sense 4

fringe, host, compress, comb, plaster, panel, cross, sling, leg, coat, seat.

Sense 5

pocket, arm, muzzle, train, patch, tail, seizure, spur.

Sense 6

tab, foot, fly.

Sense 7

plug, bill.

Sense 8

pack, cast.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 14


Sense 16







pick up.




take, gather up.

Other synonyms and related words:

grab, deuce-ace, nail, find out, match, compress, tithe, band aid, iii, pocket, boom, blast, fly, sail through, neckline, crucifix, emergency, grasp, band, misgiving, cuff, hem, choker, stay, snitch, sacrament, nail down, trio, biretta, quail at, coat, cop, tierce, ruff, elate, crutch, dig, washer, cane, learn, garroter, ternion, stop, down, splint, ruffle, dread, halt, lapel, crest, armhole, pinch, shoulder, arm, tweak, neckband, strangler, hold back, bib, stoup, gimmick, buttonhole, dog collar, bandage, facing, peg, altar, staff, savvy, plaster, train, touch, glom, pinpoint, get the picture, tinge, check, terzetto, cotton, hear, wing, soupcon, intoxicate, truss, triplet, turn around, three, support, hook, discover, nab, trinity, complete, corner, circle, run, gather up, collect, muzzle, pack, lei, web, font, lift up, turtleneck, perk, clerical collar, wafer, cross, cockscomb, neck, peck, wingtip, tercet, cassock, uplift, compass, discernment, apprehension, wattle, hitch, contain, ternary, stoppage, taking into custody, flange, garrotter, apprehensiveness, lint, seizure, bodice, elbow, smash, tabernacle, brace, corset, bill, thieve, ring, get wind, gain vigor, exigency, flies, jot, get word, coattails, Arrestment, throttler, tuck, understanding, neck ruff, knee, feather, speck, gizzard, troika, mite, comprehend, grommet, get a line, beak, ace, call for, hint, perk up, accost, necklace, dart, receive, gypsum, see, ladder, sweep through, triad, comb, walker, trine, breeze through, panel, trey, vent, cast, sleeve, pickup, bust, lead, snap, talon, stoop, turn back, haul, frock, percolate, tail, hold.

Sense 1 (noun)

talk at, corner, accost.

Sense 2 (noun)

collection plate, crucifix, cross, cassock, altar, biretta, pickup, Easter Egg, seizure, bust.

Sense 5 (noun)

bodice, arm, armhole, care label, bib, coattails, breast pocket, buttonhole.

Sense 6 (noun)

cast, band aid, bandage, cotton ball, cane, cotton, compress, corset.

Sense 7 (noun)

comb, beak, bill, gizzard, cockscomb, feather, crest, down.

Sense 8 (noun)

muzzle, flea collar, coat, choke chain.

artifact (noun)


collar (noun)

cop, choker, apprehension, taking into custody, nab, nail, dog collar, pick up, pinch, arrest, apprehend, catch, neckband.

neck attire (noun)

ruff, neckband, choker.

restraint (noun)

detention, constriction, bondage, stricture, impediment, inhibition, hindrance, Detainment, restriction, confinement, blockage, constraint, restraint.

support (noun)


taking into custody (noun)


torque (noun)


apprehend (verb)

abduct, catch, arrest, hook, nail, seize, secure, capture, corner, nab, get, cop, grab, take.

capture (verb)

win, apprehend, achieve, seize, gain, abduct, arrest, secure, obtain, snare, get, occupy, catch, take, capture.

imprison (verb)

impound, sentence, imprison, lock up, incarcerate, fetter, condemn.

restrain (verb)

detain, hinder, constrict, constrain, leash, inhibit, control, restrict, impede, bind, restrain.

Usage examples for collar:

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