Pronunciation of Collective
/kəlˈɛktɪv/, /kəlˈɛktɪv/, /k_ə_l_ˈɛ_k_t_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for collective:

distributive, capitalistic, separate.

Synonyms for collective:

Sense 1

multicultural, market-driven, short-staffed, bloated, indivisible, factional, C TO C, sectional, understaffed, consumer-facing, accredited, top-heavy, land-based, unlisted, paperless, business-to-business, mom-and-pop, market-led, multiagency, offshore, breakaway, self-service, tertiary, brick-and-mortar, cliquey, collectively, entrepreneurial, not-for-profit, mutually, nonprofit, upstart, tribal, competitive, segmented, all-night, limited, simple, mercantile, consumer-to-business, labor-intensive, ragtag, close-knit, self-financing, overstaffed, monopolistic, undermanned, infant, anticompetitive, one-stop, drive-through.

Sense 2

disembodied, large, service, cooperative, diverse, mixed, commercial, distributed, incestuous, brisk, three-cornered, predatory, uneven.

Sense 3

business, concurrent, big, multinational, lean.

Sense 4

splinter, Among, public.

Sense 5







socialist, soviet.

Other synonyms and related words:

concurrent, predatory, business, multicultural, cumulative, all-night, communal, public, limited, sectional, concerted, incarnate, made-up, cooperative, collectivized, unanimous, built, knockdown, top-heavy, agglomerate, cliquey, distributed, agglomerative, undermanned, collectively, understaffed, bodied, not-for-profit, socialist, With, aggregative, short-staffed, lean, indivisible, disembodied, infant, business-to-business, nonprofit, brick-and-mortar, agglomerated, labor-intensive, tribal, offshore, socialistic, Among, upstart, soviet, corporate, factional, tertiary, clustered, collectivised, competitive.

all (adjective)


co-operative (adjective)

collaborative, co-operative, co-operating, shared, coefficient, collusive, bilateral, co-active, common, mutual.

collected (adjective)

assorted, cumulative, concerted, composed, cooperative, aggregate, collected, bunched, grouped, banded, assembled.

combined (adjective)


complete (adjective)

done, uncut, final, sum, universal, exhaustive, intact, undivided, unified, unsevered, thorough, full, entire, conclusive, unabridged, all, whole, complete, total, solid, through, plenary, finished, accomplished, comprehensive, integral.

composite (adjective)

common, unified, mutual, cumulative, shared, aggregate, corporate, cooperative, grouped, concerted, assembled.

united (adjective)

unanimous, unified.

universal (adjective)

mass, generic, general, omnipresent, prevalent, common, universal, ubiquitous, master.

Sense 1 (noun)

bloated, big, accredited, business, all-night, brick-and-mortar, business-to-business, anticompetitive, brisk.

collective (noun)

aggregative, collectivised, agglomerated, agglomerative, assembled, built, corporate, socialist, socialistic, clustered, aggregate, agglomerate, collectivized, made-up, mass.

Usage examples for collective:

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