Antonyms for colored:

unbiased, unprejudiced, impartial, uncolored, white, fair.

Synonyms for colored:

Sense 1

kafir, peroxide blonde, mousy, tanned, negress, gringo, discolored, eskimo, pommy, bold, pigmentation, showy, ornate, nonwhite, color-coded, haole, blond, paleface, rubicund, canuck, raven-haired, half-breed, Flaxen, redhead, redskin, whitey, squaw, sober, dago, taffy, Red Indian, honky, yank, kraut, two-tone, sallow, wog, jerry, gaily, coolie, pakeha, Yid, bronzed, iridescent, pickaninny, fair-haired, peaches-and-cream, half-caste, translucent, goy, flamboyant, matching, mick, uncle tom, pallor, gipsy, opalescent, wop, somber, injun, red-headed, dusky, swarthy, brunette, strawberry blond, mulatto, wetback.

Sense 2

festive, spade, yankee, psychedelic, made-up, wasp, pygmy, darkly, olive, paddy, dusty, oriental, pasty, coon, fluorescent, harmonious, splashy, jaundiced, frog, grizzled, gypsy, restrained, mammy.

Sense 3

yellow, cracker, washed-out, false, sepia, jock, platinum, pastel, brown, glowing.

Sense 4

deep, bloodless, flaming, violent, indian, chintzy, sickly.

Sense 5

medium, native, fiery, mellow, warm.

Sense 6

primitive, fresh, cold, color.

Sense 8


Sense 9

fast, savage.

Sense 17


Sense 18



reddish brown.



all (adjective)

colorful, coloured.

black (adjective)


bright (adjective)


colorful (adjective)

rich, florid, spectral, intense, dyed, brilliant, lurid, painted, stained, gaudy, vivid, chromatic, hued, inky, colorful, bright-hued, High-colored, rainbow-like, shaded, garish, full-colored, tinted.

distorted (adjective)

false, one-sided, biased, jaundiced, partial.

not white (adjective)

glowing, dyed, stained, hued, tinged, shaded, flushed, tinted.

rubicund (adjective)


shaded (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

coolie, brown, dago, coon, eskimo, cracker, canuck, indian.

Sense 4 (noun)

bronzed, bloodless, color.

colored (noun)

dichromatic, monochromous, ginger, polychromic, hued, bluish, bicolored, bicoloured, multicolored, artificial, multicolor, particolored, monochromatic, tricolor, trichromatic, trichrome, aflame, monochrome, painted, biased, unreal, colored person, slanted, multicoloured, one-sided, reddened, pied, particoloured, bicolor, polychrome, multicolour, coloured, roan, dyed, reddish brown, partial, tinted, dark-skinned, bleached, bichrome, unfair, tinged, auburn, dark, motley, black, touched, colorful, purple, blueish, blackened, empurpled, flushed, red, monochromic, blue, in color, reddish, piebald, crimson, varicolored, bicolour, polychromatic, bay, varicoloured, gingery, red-faced.

colored (verb)


variegated (verb)

checkered, dappled, flecked, marbled, striped, Striated, streaked, colorized, checked, freckled, tessellated.

Usage examples for colored:

  • Yet, the rose- colored machine was well driven. - "From the Car Behind", Eleanor M. Ingram.
  • " No, Miss," grinned the colored man, " but I did! - "Ghost Beyond the Gate", Mildred A. Wirt.
  • Rachel colored and felt annoyed. - "In His Steps", Charles M. Sheldon.

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