Synonyms for commerce:

Department of Commerce

department of commerce.

Sense 1

trader, sale, E-Commerce.

Sense 2


Sense 4

digital, option.

common market

trade group.



Other synonyms and related words:

dealing, mercantile system, mercantilism, lovemaking, mating, dealings, coupling, copulation, coition, interaction, coitus, relation, patronage, avocation, E-Commerce, trading, department of commerce, congress, sale, traffic, commerce department, commercialism, duty.

Sense 1 (noun)

digital, E-Commerce, dealing, option.

act (noun)

commercialism, mercantilism.

business (noun)

retailing, establishment, selling, job, posting, exchange, partnership, merchant, consortium, market, trade, concern, vocation, company, practice, corporation, interest, barter, activity, transaction, holding, labor, profession, position, business, management, negotiation, situation, livelihood, proprietorship, career, affair, specialty, station, firm, service, venture, assignment, enterprise, busy work, employment, industry, calling, commission, occupation.

buying and selling (noun)

dealings, business, exchange, trade, retailing, traffic, industry, dealing.

commerce (noun)

commercialism, mercantilism, commerce department, department of commerce.

Usage examples for commerce:

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