Antonyms for concentrated:

rationed, soft, encyclical, apportioned, thin, diffuse, distributed, diluted, broken, weak.

Synonyms for concentrated:

Sense 1

inactive, elemental, alkaline, chemical equation, industrial-strength, inert, Heightened, alkaloid, sulfurous, aerobic, endothermic, inorganic, exothermic, catalytic, molecular weight, galvanic, insoluble, dehydrated, reactive, corrosive, anaerobic.

Sense 2

spontaneous, unswerving, potent, crude, chemical, intensive.

Sense 3


Sense 4


Sense 6

stiff, whole.

Sense 7

active, fierce.



Other synonyms and related words:

voiceless, stiff, collective, alkaline, single, catalytic, deepened, centred, straight, piled, strong, intense, gathered, intent, unswerving, dense, Heightened, thick, industrial-strength, robust, undiluted, potent, full-bodied, heaped, severe, fixed, boiled-down, supersaturated, centralised, pure, galvanic, stored-up, collected, reactive, massed, congregate, fierce, bunched, insoluble, muscular, intensive, exclusive, heaped-up, alkaloid, accumulated, dehydrated, whole, chemical, corrosive, hard, undivided, cumulous, thickset, laborious, rich, entire, clustered, lusty, saturated, full, plush, bunchy, assembled, amassed, all, heavy, aerobic.

all (adjective)


collected (adjective)


condensed, reduced (adjective)

fixed, entire, lusty, potent, robust, strong, straight, undiluted, thick, whole, rich, full-bodied, undivided.

decreased (adjective)

decreased, compressed, depleted, shortened, lower, diminished, lessened, Abated, drained, truncated, shrunk, deflated, contracted, abridged, Compacted, abbreviated, decremented, Curtailed, eroded, Receded.

diminished (adjective)

condensed, abridged, downgraded, mowed, compressed, Nipped, decremented, trimmed, decreased, truncated, lessened, diminished, drained, Bobbed, cropped, abbreviated, sheared, Dwindled, dropped, Leached, shrunken, lowered, Pared, weeded, cut, tapered, Curtailed, deducted, docked, Lightened, deflated, depleted, Compacted, clipped, shaved, eroded, shortened, Receded, contracted, pruned, reduced, removed.

heavy (adjective)


intense (adjective)

hard, fierce, intensive.

rocklike (adjective)


straight (adjective)


unmixed (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

alkaline, alkaloid, anaerobic, chemical, aerobic, corrosive, catalytic, active, chemical equation.

Sense 2 (noun)

unswerving, intensive, whole.

Sense 3 (noun)

fierce, Heightened.

Sense 4 (noun)

potent, stiff.

concentrated (noun)

centralized, boiled-down, saved up, intent, bunched, centered, focused, massed, cumulous, gathered, fixed, centralised, assembled, bunchy, intense, deepened, dense, exclusive, heaped-up, thick, undiluted, condensed, amassed, thickset, heaped, piled, compressed, single, accumulated, collected, centred, congregate, supersaturated, stored-up, saturated, clustered, undivided.

intense (noun)


centralized (verb)

centered, centralized.

converged (verb)

Intercepted, Met, Approached, merged, focused, united.

decreased (verb)

Subsided, died down, Shrank, lowered, deducted, Dwindled.

diminished (verb)

minimized, Culled.

thought (verb)

Appraised, Contemplated, reflected, studied, analyzed, Brooded, Cogitated, calculated, Deliberated, considered, imagined, cerebrated, Mused, Debated, Meditated, Weighed, Pondered, envisioned, reasoned, evaluated, Speculated, daydreamed, thought.

Usage examples for concentrated:

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