Antonyms for concern:

calmness, neglect, satisfaction, nonchalance, unconcern, confidence, assurance, disregard.

Synonyms for concern:

Sense 2 (noun)

apply, onus, accountability, commitment, responsibility, compulsion, obligation, duty, trust.

Sense 3 (noun)

cark, distress, ail.

Sense 4 (noun)

passion, ardor.

Sense 5 (noun)

core, priority, key, staple, element, essence, basis.

Sense 6 (noun)

strain, tension, pressure, stress.

Sense 7 (noun)

bogey, bugaboo, canker, cancer, blanket, bugbear.

Sense 9 (noun)

frighten, weigh on, bother, unsettle.

affair (noun)


anxiousness (noun)


attention (noun)

care, concentration, attentiveness, engrossment, immersion, notice, absorption, alertness, diligence, entrancement, watchfulness, attention, caution, heedfulness, intentness, consideration, rapture, enrapture, scrutiny, regard, observation, regardfulness, mindfulness, fascination, interest.

business (noun)

consortium, exchange, career, management, proprietorship, corporation, specialty, occupation, livelihood, merchant, activity, barter, retailing, holding, position, selling, company, firm, service, affair, profession, trade, market, busy work, employment, calling, commission, business, establishment, job, partnership, labor, negotiation, situation, station, enterprise, assignment, venture, posting, commerce, practice, industry, vocation, transaction.

business, responsibility (noun)

house, firm, care, outfit, corporation, affair, charge, matter, job, worry, thing, interest, enterprise, transaction, company, establishment, occupation.

business concern (noun)


business establishment (noun)


concern (noun)

headache, fear, business, touch, business organization, bear on, business concern, refer, pertain, worry, touch on, occupy, care, vexation, Business Organisation, come to, relate.

fear (noun)


feeling (noun)

fear, care.

feelings (noun)


hopelessness (noun)


importance (noun)

importance, moment, concernment, Significancy, gravity, priority.

interest; anxiety (noun)

heedfulness, solicitude, disquiet, regard, apprehension, disquietude, unease, consideration, distress, attention, concernment, heed.

mental state (noun)


regard (noun)

attention, mindfulness, anxiety, attentiveness, regard, care, interest, heed, solicitude.

requirement (noun)


affect personally (verb)

bother, touch, perturb, trouble, disturb, involve, bear on.

include (verb)


question (verb)


relate to, have reference to (verb)

belong to, deal with, bear upon.

stative (verb)

occupy, worry, interest.

Sense 1

circumstance, uncertainty, keynote, doohickey, reek, high point, Insignificancy, purview, centerpiece, uninvolved, responsibility, paranoia, aloofness, fine print, scare story, nuance, go-getter, far-out, focal point, obligation, agenda, heebie-jeebies, nerve, treasure, first principles, agog, offender, linchpin, starter pack, sacred cow, commodity, jitters, onus, doodad, belong, live wire, the nitty-gritty, Underpinning, importance, remit, faction, bogey, foreboding, skeleton, consternation, starter kit, Inconsequentiality, prerequisite, unease, inconsequentialness, Thirsting, belong to, eager beaver, suspense, crisis of conscience, sphere, nub, the leading edge, need, ownership, the gist, risk, basics, psych out, accountability, anxiousness, nucleus, fundamentals, relate to, cark, interestedness, hat, qualms, byway, midlife crisis, niggle, necessary, passport, ail, sine qua non, discretion, trusteeship, Significancy, blame, affection, ultra, weigh on, the quick, athirst, widget, gung ho, disquietude, bugbear, raring, zealousness, loose cannon, bottom line, concerned, incubus, big deal, determinant, requisite, crowning glory, basis, meat, revolutionist, keystone, compulsion, bugaboo, fulcrum, gizmo, igg, daunt, province, foundation.

Sense 3

contrivance, enemy, cement, element, stew, gimmick, frighten, nervousness, esprit, aloof, crazy, craze, load, scare, zealot, fanatic, force, uninterested, ardor, jangle, operate, interested, demon, matter, provision, conflict, puzzle, pressure, supply, ardent, trust, fervor, unconcerned, apply, involved, fervent, thirsty, blanket, solicitous, key, kernel, detached, nuts, freak, enthusiasm, weightiness, automatic, staple, rabid, resource.

Sense 4

disinterested, fixation, brood, keen, fetish, strain, moment, outfit, impatient, consequence, bursting, fiend, stuff, enthusiast, avid, enthusiastic, stress, dwell, revolutionary, indifference, mechanical.

Sense 5

detachment, heart, rage, radical, affected, nag, indifferent, fret.

Sense 6

extreme, mad, deal with, thoughtfulness, devour, nut.

Sense 7

fire, passion, bug, lookout.

Sense 8

house, upset, distance, thing.

Sense 9


Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 17





refer, bear upon.

business organisation

Business Organisation.

desire to know





pertain, obtain.






belong to.

Other synonyms and related words:

weight, solicitude, trouble, heed, distress, concernment, disturb, lookout, bear upon, thing, affect, worry, regard, disquiet, anxiety, moment, relate to, bother, matter, consequence, house, touch, thoughtfulness, involve, importance, bear on, significance, agitate.

Usage examples for concern:

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