Pronunciation of Confine
/kənfˈa͡ɪn/, /kənfˈa‍ɪn/, /k_ə_n_f_ˈaɪ_n/

Antonyms for confine:

loosen, unbind, release, loose, free, manumit, liberate.

Synonyms for confine:

edge (adjective)


Sense 1

demarcate, caseload, family practice, peg out, hedge with, prescription, visit, marginalize, tighten up, the Hippocratic oath, medical certificate, internship, hospitalize, overregulate, clap in, certify, stipulate, diagnose, tertiary care, residency, Socialized Medicine, bedside manner, primary health care, health, delimit, repeat prescription, triage, nursing, home visit, shut away.

Sense 2

delineate, regulate, readmit, quarantine, examine, tighten, prognosis, cure, treatment, intern, mark off, straiten, prescribe, pen in, immure, commit.

Sense 3

doctor, shut up, provide, lock in, ration, restore, recapture, test, dominate, govern, treat, practice.

Sense 4

conquer, lock, keep to, seize, police.

Sense 5

put on.

Sense 6

tame, stem.

Sense 8

end, condition.

Sense 10

capture, tie, handle, cap.

Sense 12


Sense 18


Sense 24



shut in.




lock in, corral.




keep down, shackle, pinion.





Other synonyms and related words:

catch, prognosis, mark off, check, curtail, curb, put in, bear, encumber, bound, police, cut back, enfold, accommodate, capture, demarcation, obligate, deem, seize, doctor, inclose, close in, sustain, cap, choke, apply, confines, border, have, book, carry, declare, bounce, retain, delimit, withstand, enslave, take for, intimidate, harbour, defend, insert, lock, obtain, certify, limit, trammel, concord, delay, practice, go for, internship, oblige, arrest, support, cabin, intern, maintain, cure, rationing, strangle, immure, ensnare, readmit, specify, pen in, ricochet, keep back, throw, take a hop, regulate, entertain, stick in, corner, caseload, make, straiten, handle, take, hold in, precinct, diagnose, circumscribe, take hold, leap, resile, admit, jump, demarcate, enchain, set, view as, introduce, Encage, adjudge, hold back, strangulate, throttle, give, hold up, concur, keep in, treat, tame, stem, nurse, determine, conceal, place, condition, commit, stay, qualify, reserve, govern, have got, shut up, hospitalize, prescribe, agree, moderate, recoil, shut in, tighten, define, end, prevail, provide, fix, localize, quarantine, defy, tie, abridge, repress, rim.

Sense 1 (noun)

shut up, immure.

Sense 2 (noun)

diagnose, examine, doctor, cure, bedside manner, caseload, certify.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)


confine (noun)

restrain, detain, enclose, hold in, bound, hold, limit, restrict, trammel, throttle, circumscribe.

limit (noun)

precinct, demarcation.

prison (noun)

cell, straight jacket, penitentiary, San Quentin, keep, stronghold, dungeon, lockup, cage, bridle, pinion, collar, vise, manacle, cooler, stockade, gaol, reformatory, brig, jailhouse, pen, jug, penal colony, jail, irons, handcuff, prison, reform school, coop, pound, bastille, shackle, tether, Alcatraz, harness, oubliette, fence.

change (verb)

bound, limit, trammel, throttle, restrict.

enclose (verb)

envelop, cover, embrace, enclose, contain, encircle, encompass, hold, trap, surround, corral.

enclose, limit (verb)

cage, bound, imprison, shut up, immure, keep, detain, repress, restrict, hold back, constrain, delimit, restrain, fix, circumscribe, bind, incarcerate, hinder, jail, enslave, intern.

imprison (verb)

fetter, lock up, impound, condemn.

punish (verb)

avenge, castigate, judge, chastise, crucify, afflict, imprison, try, Keelhaul, incarcerate, penalize, reprise, discipline, sentence, burden, anguish, punish, correct, persecute, distress, fine, lambaste, pillory, torture, execute, agonize, chasten.

restrain (verb)

inhibit, constrict, control, hinder, bind, detain, impede, leash, restrict, restrain, constrain.

seclude (verb)

boycott, reject, eliminate, closet, deport, segregate, separate, blacklist, blackball, expel, screen, banish, exile, insulate, cordon, excommunicate, detach, seclude, extradite, remove, eject, disbar, exclude, ostracize, sequester, alienate, isolate, oust, expatriate, evict, cloister, extirpate.

Usage examples for confine:

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