Pronunciation of Connected
/kənˈɛktɪd/, /kənˈɛktɪd/, /k_ə_n_ˈɛ_k_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for connected:

exploded, obscure, disjoined, unconnected, disconnected, unrelated, wireless, off, isolated, off-line.

Synonyms for connected:

Sense 1

built-in, fraternal, suited, thereto, tightknit, clannish, integral, one-sided, teledensity, patrilineal, inextricable, thereof, platonic, personally, chummy, matrilineal, correspondingly, rocky, Wi-Fi, Telecommunications, interpersonal, one-to-one, illicit, loveless, brittle, interdependent, cozy, fragile, acquainted, cosy, political, broken, arm's length, therewith, interrelated, patch through, maternal, inextricably, dysfunctional.

Sense 2

cognate, unstable, mouth, personal, one-way, warming, corresponding, synonymous, thick, twin, go back, long-lost, brotherly, estranged.

Sense 3

secondary, immediate.

Sense 4

tight, connection.

Sense 5

have, close.

Sense 6


Sense 8

contact, connect.

Sense 9








Other synonyms and related words:

broken, brotherly, on-line, on-the-spot, interrelated, close, cosy, brittle, on, mouth, cognate, adjunctive, related to, conterminous, fragile, adjoining, committed, well-connected, one-sided, contact, Telecommunications, connecting, corresponding, one-to-one, have, clannish, interdependent, acquainted, correspondingly, engaged, chummy, one-way, Wi-Fi, platonic, abutting, synonymous, suited, intimate, bordering, involved, immediate, affined, tight, wired, connection, comparative, inextricably, twin, connect, contiguous, teledensity, integral, loveless, illicit, combined, inextricable, neighboring, siamese, thereof, interpersonal, built-in, reach, rocky, machine-accessible.

attached (adjective)

additional, joined, Annexed, extra, Hitched, affixed, Prefixed, Spliced, related, bound, merged, embellished, married, Suffixed, subscripted, extended, added, attached, accompanied, augmented.

bound (adjective)

threaded, coupled, Strapped, clinched, Buckled, pasted, Stayed, Cemented, strung, fastened, closed, linked, bound, knit, chained, tied, stitched, fused, Welded, Hinged, Sutured, laced, zipped, Bracketed, glued, knotted.

cohesive (adjective)

indivisible, solid, congruous, cohesive, conforming, indissoluble, integrated, consistent, inseparable, continuous.

continuous (adjective)

continual, endless, unvarying, gapless, unbroken, indefatigable, flat, unremitting, interminable, everlasting, seamless, constant, unending, lasting, coherent, level, robot-like, nonstop, incessant, persistent, even, habitual, un-intermittent, undeviating, unchanging, repetitive, uniform, consecutive, perpetual, unceasing, continuing, repeated, sequential, steady, undying, homogeneous, unchangeable, invariable, ceaseless, cyclical, recurrent, monotonous, perennial, featureless, consistent, continuous, monolithic, regular, straight.

joined (adjective)

allied, juxtaposed, stuck together, affixed, married, merged, related, coupled, Annexed, wedded, affiliated, Bracketed, amalgamated, Spliced, synergistic, joined, attached, Abutted, Adhered, bonded, wed, adjacent, consolidated.

related, affiliated (adjective)

pertinent, coherent, allied, Bracketed, joined, combined, consecutive, coupled, akin, associated, linked.

relational (adjective)

analogous, germane, supplemental, auxiliary, affiliated, consanguine, blood, related, relevant, dependent, pertinent, associated, kindred, coincident, concomitant, attendant, akin, correlative, adjunct, ancillary.

Sense 1 (noun)

combined, close.

Sense 2 (noun)

arm's length, acquainted, chummy, brittle, broken, cosy, brotherly, clannish.

Sense 3 (noun)

interrelated, interdependent, corresponding, synonymous, involved.

Sense 4 (noun)

connection, connect, Wi-Fi, contact, reach, teledensity, Telecommunications, patch through.

connected (noun)

adjunctive, neighboring, associated, connecting, affined, linked, abutting, joined, machine-accessible, bordering, on, adjoining, attached, conterminous, adjacent, engaged, related, coupled, socially connected, intimate, wired, related to, siamese, well-connected, on-line, affiliated, contiguous.

attached (verb)

attached, joined, Annexed, affixed, fastened, related, bonded, married, Clung, bound, coupled, merged, juxtaposed, Abutted, wedded, Spliced, Hitched, stuck, Adhered.

attributed (verb)

cast, credited, Attributed, Imputed, branded, blamed, acknowledged, applied, set, placed, marked, Referred, Ascribed, accredited, Cited, assigned.

cohered (verb)

integrated, solidified, Cohered, stuck together, fused, Conformed.

contacted (verb)

touched, Adjoined, reached out, contacted, Butted, bordered, Met.

fastened (verb)

Basted, Stringed, Bracketed, Plaited, knitted, linked, knotted, tied, Sutured, tethered, chained, hooked in, woven, zipped, glued, Weaved, Welded, Cemented, sewed, pasted, clinched, Hinged, Strapped, laced, Stayed, Tacked, Buckled, Lashed, sewn spliced, braided, stitched.

installed (verb)

fixed, embedded, planted, put, implanted, positioned, Inserted, Grafted, rooted, initiated, established, Installed, located, Ensconced, Instated.

joined (verb)

affixed, consolidated, Adhered, affiliated, bonded, married, allied, joined, Annexed, amalgamated, attached, juxtaposed, coupled, wedded, related, Spliced, Clung, merged, Abutted.

related (verb)

Pertained, correlated.

Usage examples for connected:

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