Synonyms for Considering:

attentive (adjective)

engrossed, rapt, careful, entranced, observing, intent, sharp, concerned, heedful, absorbed, interested, responsible, mindful, cautious, Hearkening, Scrutinizing, diligent, vigilant, alert, attentive, Concentrating, regardful, fascinated, Immersed, enraptured, watchful, observant.

taking everything in mind (adjective)

seeing, Because, inasmuch as, as long as, as, Since.

Sense 1

rest on, Since, predefined, consist in, predetermined, pivot on, rooted, conception, build around.

Sense 3


Sense 4

consideration, presume.

Sense 5


Sense 8


Other synonyms and related words:

as long as, Whereas, rooted, being, assume, presume, Since, predetermined, inasmuch as, consideration, as, seeing, conception, Because.

Sense 1 (noun)

build around, rooted, inasmuch as, presume, consist in, rest on, assume.

calculating (verb)

Supposing, Deducing, rationalizing, Summing, guessing, quantifying, ranking, counting, determining, planning, judging, scheming, Triangulating, rating, Surmising, scheduling, figuring, scoring, quantizing, Systematizing, Inferring, reckoning, Presuming, Valuing, Multiplying, Gauging, Adding, Approximating, computing, Totaling, Plotting, Enumerating, studying, accounting, evaluating, thinking, appraising, weighing, Assessing, measuring, Estimating, dividing, calculating, concluding, Tallying, programming.

examining (verb)

surveying, Checking, perusing, reviewing, scanning, Examining, Inspecting, verifying.

imagining (verb)

Inventing, Perceiving, Theorizing, Creating, designing, fantasizing, Opining, brainstorming, Conceiving.

intending (verb)

Aiming, Endeavoring, Expecting, Minding, wishing, Proposing, Choosing, meaning, Intending.

judging (verb)

refereeing, resolving, Mediating, Sentencing, Pronouncing, Adjudicating, deciding, Arbitrating, finding, ruling.

thinking (verb)

Meditating, Contemplating, pondering, musing, Analyzing, reasoning, Imagining, Speculating, cerebrating, brooding, Cogitating, Debating, envisioning, daydreaming, Deliberating, reflecting.

Usage examples for Considering:

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