Pronunciation of Consort
/kˈɒnsɔːt/, /kˈɒnsɔːt/, /k_ˈɒ_n_s_ɔː_t/

Synonyms for consort:

Sense 1

empress, musical instrument, baronet, aristocracy, laird, baroness, baronetcy, compeer, crown princess, girl band, princess, Debrett's, pharaoh, maharani, monarch, noblewoman, rhythm section, boy band, shah, mistress, countess, POPS, rajah, duchess, aristocrat, wind instrument, percussion, pop group, marquis, archduke, ranee, lady, marching band, overlord, the wind section, peerage, marquess, woodwind, the Windsors, earl, tribute band, crown prince, maharajah, stringed instrument, marquise, dance band, chamber orchestra, viscountess, gamelan, brass band, marchioness, symphony orchestra, sultana, royalty, nobleman, KT, rani, viscount, steel band, better half, royal family, duke.

Sense 2

fraternize, septet, orchestra, octet, combo, baron, hobnob, alto, instrument, dukedom, spouse, knight, join, dynasty, string quartet, quartet, prince, sextet, trio, squire, monarchy, quintet, brass.

Sense 3

noble, ensemble, palace, partner.

Sense 4

king, lord, crown, royal, accompany, tenor.

Sense 5

count, string.

Sense 6


Sense 7

band, house.

Sense 10


Sense 12





harmonize, tally.

bring together




married woman








Other synonyms and related words:

empress, assort, accord, dynasty, scat, fellow, viscountess, bleed, peerage, compeer, campaign, fly the coop, allot, helpmate, join, chum, comrade, escort, battery, concur, attend, track down, percussion, princess, gibe, wife, connect, function, match, lead, shah, countess, duchess, grant, concord, hunt, baroness, overlord, operate, party, prince, escape, break away, fit, run for, carry, chorus, know, husband, associate, check, class, affiliate, go, earl, batch, KT, lean, consociate, aristocrat, septet, spouse, extend, company, marquis, clutch, sort out, archduke, palace, maharani, marchioness, be given, run away, hold, feed, mate, alto, hobnob, grouping, reconcile, melt down, agree, quartet, tend, choir, tenor, ladder, noblewoman, melt, tally, fraternize, course, monarchy, partner, instrument, laird, persist, baron, correspond, ensemble, fit in, move, nobleman, endure, play, relate, black market, colligate, hunt down, crown, execute, baronet, better half, lord, quintet, sextet, viscount, baronetcy, lot, link, friend, turn tail, body, unravel, scarper, bunk, band, prevail, marquess, gamelan, lam, harmonise, conform, draw, hightail it, group, harmonize, classify, run, chord, passel, incline, link up, woodwind, duke, meet, orchestra, brass, chorale, pass, pharaoh, squire, accompany, queen, peer, section.

Sense 1 (noun)

tenor, brass, alto, percussion, musical instrument, stringed instrument, rhythm section, instrument.

Sense 2 (noun)

baronetcy, countess, aristocracy, fraternize, count, archduke, baronet, hobnob, aristocrat, baron, baroness.

Sense 3 (noun)

accompany, escort, attend, know, company.

Sense 4 (noun)

combo, brass band, boy band, chamber orchestra, spouse, better half, ensemble, girl band, gamelan, dance band.

accompaniment (noun)

appendage, adornment, accessory, companion, addendum, accompaniment, addition, brother, adjunct, lieutenant, extension, ornament, fixture, attachment, second, secondary, appurtenance, extra, auxiliary, garnish, appendix.

associate, partner (noun)

friend, mate, accompaniment, wife, companion, spouse, husband.

consort (noun)

concord, harmonise, affiliate, harmonize, fit in, accord, choir, run, agree, associate, assort.

husband (noun)


married man (noun)


married woman (noun)


spouse (noun)

husband, wife.

agree (verb)

conform, correspond, concur, harmonize, accord, tally.

be friendly with; fraternize (verb)

attend, carry, associate, company, accompany, join.

motion (verb)


Usage examples for consort:

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