Pronunciation of Constable
/kˈɒnstəbə͡l/, /kˈɒnstəbə‍l/, /k_ˈɒ_n_s_t_ə_b_əl/

Synonyms for constable:

Sense 1

inspector, state trooper, narc, patrolwoman, flatfoot, SGT, chief of police, policewoman, LT, dog handler, INSP, CDR, bobby, Bluecoat, mountie, LIEUT, cadet, finest, frogman, peeler, law enforcement agent, gendarme, copper, fed, policeman.

Sense 2

marshal, fuzz, detective, trooper, super, sergeant.

Sense 3

lieutenant, police, ranger, pig, commissioner, cop, pc, superintendent, sheriff.

Sense 4

deputy, officer, bull.

Sense 5


Sense 6

captain, man.

Sense 7


Sense 8





peace officer, police officer.

Other synonyms and related words:

inspector, fed, policewoman, captain, deputy, ranger, bobby, pc, marshal, peace officer, police, law, bull, sergeant, gendarme, finest, pig, officer, cop, CDR, copper, policeman, superintendent, trooper, peeler, police officer, shamus, commissioner, patrolwoman, fuzz, flatfoot, lieutenant, narc, Bluecoat, detective, sheriff, lawman, heat, man, chief of police, super, patrolman.

Sense 1 (noun)

flatfoot, captain, policewoman, law, commissioner, police, patrolman, patrolwoman, bobby, bull, CDR, fuzz, peeler, policeman, police officer, Bluecoat, officer, peace officer, chief of police, cadet, heat, gendarme, deputy, finest, copper, cop.

constable (noun)

police constable, John Constable.

detective (noun)

shamus, flatfoot, sergeant.

lawman (noun)


person (noun)

John Constable.

policeman (noun)

patrolman, patrolwoman.

police officer (noun)

cop, bobby, policewoman, officer, patrolwoman, flatfoot, Bluecoat, patrolman, detective, policeman, peace officer.

Usage examples for constable:

  • In 1841, at the age of seventeen, he became a constable of the county. - "Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War", G. F. R. Henderson.
  • The Coroner annoyed, beckoned to a constable standing behind the witnesses. - "The Case of Richard Meynell", Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
  • The constable made his statement. - "Corporal Cameron", Ralph Connor.

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