Synonyms for constitution:

Sense 1

gunboat diplomacy, social engineering, containment, commission, public private partnership, executive privilege, Constitutionality, public expenditure, habitus, the Fifth Amendment, open-door policy, constructive engagement, entitlement program, debt relief, census, secession, the Fifth, Balkanization, devolution, reflation, well-being, the First Amendment, reunification, Balkanisation, imperialism, hygiene, essence, isolationism, Privatization, neocolonialism, ill health, interventionism, checks and balances, boondoggle, case history, regionalism, amnesty, nonintervention, Public Health, white paper, fitness, public ownership, multiculturalism, workfare, wellness, decolonization, zero tolerance, party line.

Sense 2

constitutional, mental health, refreshment, health, laissez-faire, social security, start up, origination, reconstruction, earmark, declaration, law.

Sense 3

preservation, constitutionally, portfolio.

Sense 4

public service, creation, development.

Sense 5

habit, bloom, foundation.

Sense 6


Sense 9

condition, state.

Sense 18


Sense 22






Other synonyms and related words:

declaration, theme, figure, clay, complexion, multiculturalism, creation, origination, reunification, imperialism, fitness, musical composition, temperament, organisation, canon, writing, census, decalogue, policy, stand, opus, polity, enactment, condition, paper, well-being, authorship, amnesty, bill, foundation, habitus, law, wellness, physique, temper, reconstruction, spirit, institution, neocolonialism, regionalism, Balkanization, containment, organic law, ill health, isolationism, establishment, public service, make up, geological formation, habit, state, nature, development, validation, record, Privatization, ecesis, boondoggle, DO, penning, organization, health, old ironsides, essence, reputation, personality, tone, Balkanisation, piece, genius, fundamental law, build, Constitutionality, character, earmark, statute, typography, war paint, act, constitutionally, code, nonintervention, composing, color, system, report, piece of music, jurisprudence, form, brass, ordinance, shaping, preservation, governance.

Sense 1 (noun)

Constitutionality, Balkanization, containment, constructive engagement, Balkanisation, amnesty, census, checks and balances, boondoggle.

Sense 2 (noun)

law, state, ill health, wellness, mental health, code, fitness, well-being, condition.

Sense 3 (noun)

foundation, start up, origination, creation.

Sense 4 (noun)

physique, preservation, stand, build, habitus, habit.

communication (noun)

fundamental law, organic law.

composition (noun)

compilation, formation, invention, inclusion, fabrication, combination, embodiment.

constitution (noun)

makeup, organic law, fundamental law, organization, old ironsides, composition, formation, organisation, establishment.

establishment (noun)

code, organization.

health (noun)

physique, build, health.

make up (noun)


physical make-up and health (noun)

composition, architecture, temper, temperament, habitus, structure, frame, character, essence, build, form, nature, physique, habit, formation, construction.

start-up (noun)

start up.

state of mind (noun)


structure (noun)

building, framework, construction, composition, structure, fabric, shape, edifice, architecture, arrangement, anatomy, skeleton, frame, makeup.

Usage examples for constitution:

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