Synonyms for controlling:

Sense 1

Having, operation, regnant, Occupying, Dominative, using, principal.

Sense 2

moderation, preponderant.







Other synonyms and related words:

imperative, compulsory, coercive, Occupying, operation, lordly, Dominative, absolute, domineering, dogmatic, regnant, dictatorial, peremptory, unequivocal, compulsive, tyrannical, preponderant, using, charge, irresponsible, arbitrary, haughty, arrogant, imperious, despotic, unconditional, principal, exacting, autocratic, positive, administrative, overbearing, Having.

commanding (adjective)

peremptory, governing.

directing (adjective)


influential (adjective)

predominant, important, motivational, leading, prejudicial, authoritative, supreme, commanding, masterful, powerful, senior, influential, ruling.

master (adjective)


normative (adjective)


powerful (adjective)

commanding, energetic, potent, authoritative, strong, competent, reigning, vigorous, mighty, puissant, powerful, forceful, masterful.

ruling (adjective)

regulating, supervising, governing, predominant.

superior (adjective)

supreme, consummate, better, sovereign, uppermost, A 1, champion, king, elite, eminent, ruling, ascendant, foremost, maximum, commanding, above, most, leading, signal, quintessential, paramount, dominant, superior, Headmost, chosen, furthest, furthermost, best, choice, crowning, predominant, master, zenith, chief, senior.

Sense 2 (noun)

regnant, Dominative, preponderant.

commanding (verb)

reigning, gripping, grasping, Charging, holding, coordinating.

controlling (verb)

governing, Administering, steering, executing, Superintending, Overseeing, Disciplining, piloting, Bridling, dominating, directing, Harnessing, Presiding, supervising, Managing.

dominating (verb)

Triumphing, winning, Lording, succeeding, bettering, prevailing, Vanquishing, conquering, Surmounting, Overcoming.

influencing (verb)

Predominating, motivating, swaying, affecting, Biasing, powering, Authorizing, Prejudicing, mastering, Empowering, pressuring, Influencing.

ordering (verb)

typing, framing, Organizing, casting, sifting, rating, Systematizing, integrating, setting, ordering, fixing, Classifying, Stratifying, Adjusting, Methodizing, supporting, grouping, balancing, Forming, normalizing, Collating, Marshalling, charting, unifying, sorting, orchestrating, devising, settling, Mediating, designing, stabilizing, Placing, arranging, grading, Righting, Classing, Establishing, Maintaining, ranking, Harmonizing, composing, rationalizing, unsnarling, regulating, shaping, categorizing, Preparing, scoring, planning, Arraying, scheming, programming, screening, pigeonholing, subordinating, Plotting, structuring, Separating, schematizing, scheduling.

prohibiting (verb)

curbing, Disallowing, Oppressing, Prohibiting, blocking, barring, disapproving, Denying, Suppressing, forbidding, restricting, constraining, Precluding, Preventing, disqualifying, Rejecting, Restraining, Curtailing, banning, inhibiting, Outlawing, Refusing.

restraining (verb)

Shackling, impeding, Detaining, hindering, binding, constricting, Tethering, confining, Collaring, Leashing.

Usage examples for controlling:

  • The lights were turned out from the controlling switch by the lift man, who has disappeared. - "An Amiable Charlatan", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  • The idea of his controlling the St. Paul and Pacific was even amusing. - "The Railroad Builders A Chronicle of the Welding of the States, Volume 38 in The Chronicles of America Series", John Moody.
  • The idea of controlling the trade of the West by railroads was not new. - "The Paths of Inland Commerce A Chronicle of Trail, Road, and Waterway, Volume 21 in The Chronicles of America Series", Archer B. Hulbert.

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