Synonyms for correction:

Sense 1

computation, determination, assessment, number crunching, leniency, costing, amendment, subtraction.

Sense 2

arithmetic, change, multiplication, alteration.

Sense 3

calculation, continuation, count, addition.

Sense 6




Other synonyms and related words:

emendation, amendment, field of study, alteration, evolution, move, movement, scourge, distortion, convulsion, subject area, subject, assessment, revision, fluctuation, change, bailiwick, costing, computation, modification, progress, reversion, mending, cataclysm, nemesis, determination, addition, lesson, field, revolution, drift, arithmetic, reform, transformation, subject field, whirligig, reversal, switch, twist, effect, study, chastening, seesaw, inversion, rebuke, fudge factor, calculation, overhaul, tweak.

Sense 1 (noun)

turnaround, mending, revision, emendation, amendment.

Sense 2 (noun)

calculation, change, arithmetic, assessment, computation, addition, determination, count, costing.

Sense 5 (noun)

leniency, lesson.

act (noun)


adjustment; fixing (noun)

emendation, mending, amendment, rectification, modification, improvement, alteration, redress.

change (noun)


changes (noun)

fluctuation, reversal, dynamism, creep, switchover, diversion, oscillation, switch, transformation, move, seesaw, cataclysm, evolution, twist, parallax, departure, turnaround, distortion, sea change, butterfly, changeover, tweak, reform, revamp, trend, movement, turn, elasticity, roller coaster, shake out, inversion, overhaul, crossover, convulsion, whirligig, gradient, upheaval, accommodation, paradigm shift, revolution, metamorphosis, effect, shake up, cline, drift, Vagaries, reversion.

compensation (noun)

compensation, counteraction, offset, adjustment.

condemnation (noun)


correction (noun)

rectification, discipline, fudge factor, chastisement, chastening.

discipline (noun)

chastisement, punishment, castigation.

improvement (noun)

enhancement, emendation, enrichment, furtherance, progression, improvement, Garnishment, renovation, advancement, embellishment, gain, betterment, elaboration, refinement.

justice (noun)


penalty (noun)

discount, judgment, handicap, deduction, penalty, abatement, drawback, premium, chastisement, retribution, discipline, burden, encumbrance, fine, punishment, forfeiture.

punishment (noun)

crucifixion, incarceration, castigation, affliction, torture, payment, execution, price, scourge, persecution, verdict, reprisal, imprisonment, sentence, agony, anguish, revenge, confinement, distress.

qualification (noun)


remedy (noun)

emetic, pill, balm, cure, corrective, aid, tonic, antidote, elixir, ointment, salve, prescription, potion, pharmaceutical, dose, germicide, therapy, medicine, medication, drug.

restitution (noun)

redress, amends, Squaring, rectification, settlement, atonement, offsetting, reimbursement, remedy, restitution, refund, remuneration.

restoring (verb)


Usage examples for correction:

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