Pronunciation of Counter
/kˈa͡ʊntə/, /kˈa‍ʊntə/, /k_ˈaʊ_n_t_ə/

Antonyms for counter:

agree, encourage, neutral, Corroborating.

Synonyms for counter:

Sense 1

gate-leg table, checker, checkers, checkout, card table, bargain-basement, antipodean, controvert, mah-jongg, opposite, tiddlywinks, repugnant, antonymic, antonym, vanity table, domino, answer back, countertop, board game, touchdown, antipodal, draughts, Trivial Pursuit, cold store, rack, occasional table, palm off, salad bar, lotto, talk back, antipodes, diametric, backgammon, Antipode, dinette set, drawing board, fire back at, react, contrapositive, Chinese Checkers, checkerboard, antonymous, shop front, write back, snakes and ladders, scrabble, worktop.

Sense 2

haberdashery, shelf, vanity, dinette, antithetical, war game, diametrical, contradictory, breakfast bar, chip, storefront, bagatelle, menswear, dinner table, solitaire, changing room.

Sense 3

antithesis, department, polar, dressing room.

Sense 4

trolley, pit.

Sense 5

opposing, rejoin, window, reverse.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 13


Sense 14

strike, go.

Sense 16










Other synonyms and related words:

foresee, counterweight, scrabble, call, bagatelle, hostile, antipodal, go, antipodes, adverse, foretell, expect, antipodean, balance, antagonistic, department, replica, forestall, stand, contradictory, opposing, antonym, forbid, offset, strike, oppositely, unfavorable, diametric, canceler, reappearance, answer back, react, mah-jongg, oppugn, negative, checkerboard, comeback, counterpunch, snack bar, riposte, contrary, counterbalance, inimical, chip, rejoinder, piece, Neutralizer, controvert, forebode, dinette, antonymous, repugnant, proceeds, look for, preclude, tiddlywinks, replication, antipathetic, snack counter, take, equipoise, lotto, takings, tabulator, heel, envision, counterpoise, booth, antithetical, antonymic, regaining, prognosticate, prejudicial, untoward, reverberation, checkmate, diametrical, contrapositive, incompatible, antithesis, menswear, bargain-basement, window, Antipode, anticipate, foreclose, counteraction, restitution, parry, opposite, obverse, countertop, predict, checkout, rejoin, look to, worktop, polar, rack, domino, antipathetical, prevent, shelf, checkers, pit, reverse, unfriendly.

opposed (adjective)

diametric, antipodal.

opposite (adjective)

diametrical, contrary.

opposite, opposing (adjective)

diametric, antipodean, contrary, antithetical, adverse, obverse, antipodal, antagonistic, contradictory, reverse, polar.

contrary, reverse (adverb)


Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

antonymous, antipodal, antipodean, diametrical, balance, antithetical, opposing, antonymic, contrary, diametric, opposite, reverse, contradictory, polar.

Sense 5 (noun)

rejoin, talk back, write back, answer back.

Sense 6 (noun)

domino, checkerboard, bagatelle, checkers, board game, Chinese Checkers, checker, backgammon.

Sense 7 (noun)

menswear, bargain-basement, department, changing room, dressing room, cold store, haberdashery, checkout.

Sense 8 (noun)

countertop, dinette, dinner table, dinette set, card table, breakfast bar.

board (noun)

shelf, worktop, stand.

counter (noun)

forestall, negative, riposte, parry, foresee, rejoinder, tabulator, comeback, retort, sideboard, heel, antagonistic, replication, return, counterpunch, buffet, anticipate.

market (noun)

establishment, grocery, shop, emporium, department store, market, store, stall, stock exchange, chain, mart, market place, fair, warehouse, bureau, supermarket, bazaar, depot, convenience store, office.

opposite (noun)

contrapositive, reverse.

table (noun)

dresser, round, captain's table, sideboard, dining table, table, nightstand, console, turntable, lamp stand, kitchen table, bench, tea table, workbench, desk, coffee table, buffet.

answer (verb)

expound, rebut, retort, countercharge, acknowledge, return, echo, counterclaim, counter-accuse, come back, respond, answer, counter-state, explain, reply, counter-reply.

answer, respond in retaliation (verb)

counteract, frustrate, hinder, resist, retaliate, offset, cross, pit, oppose, return, contravene, respond, parry.

defy (verb)

challenge, contravene, counteract, dissent, rebel, countermand, confront, defy, cross, resist, affront, face, dare.

hinder (verb)

complicate, choke, fetter, paralyze, constipate, jam, block, curb, interrupt, frustrate, tangle, cripple, baffle, hamstring, catch, foul, burden, cramp, bottleneck, constrain, crimp, congest, snarl, clog, detain, hamper, entrap, drag, plug, encumber, mire, restrict, bung, snag, deter, thwart, delay, stay, restrain, stop, handicap, dam, impair, entangle, brake.

oppose (verb)

protest, obstruct, hinder, repress, check, object, disagree, meddle, conflict, repel, interfere, contradict, fight, rebuff, oppress, suppress, impede, antagonize, dispute, inhibit, repulse, intercept.

retaliate (verb)

retaliate, reciprocate, reprise, redress, avenge, revenge, exchange, counterblow, repay, return fire, Retribute.

Usage examples for counter:

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