Pronunciation of Court
/kˈɔːt/, /kˈɔːt/, /k_ˈɔː_t/

Antonyms for court:

avoid, elude.

Synonyms for court:

Sense 1

goalpost, right of appeal, retrial, head of state, the right wing, crease, butter up, realm, suck up, high court, rule, unplayable, penalty area, grandstand, kangaroo court, docket, litigation, sultanate, live together, hearing, hard court, succession, court of appeals, ruling, goal line, dally with, ruler, sideline, district court, legal aid, home-field advantage, viceroy, street, home-court advantage, baseline, plea bargaining, regency, legal action, gymnasium, the left wing, moot court, paternity suit, the Old Bailey, coronation, chancery, superior court, open-and-shut case, dethrone, throne, propitiate, crossbar, yard, accede, kiss up to, Magistrates' Court, inquest, regent, reign, touchline, royal, show trial, kowtow, depose, pretender, Crown Court, kingship, class action, stay together, mistrial, tramlines, bowl, divine right, Astroturf, committal, county court, dugout, test case, cohabit, royal prerogative, proceedings, appeals court, crown, goalmouth, dynasty, atrium, hold together, accession, sovereignty, commoner, interregnum, playing field, balancing act, the Supreme Court, law court, submission, quad, lawsuit, store up, small claims court, brown-nose, incriminate, mall, cause, patio, enthrone, due process, abdicate, fool around, enclosure, remand, penalty spot, bleachers, woodwork.

Sense 2

turf, midfield, alley, steady, quadrangle, invite, look for, practice, cloister, precedent, The, vamp, government, live with, grass, dissent, clay, home ground, trial, ground staff, cut off, initiate.

Sense 3

go together, lay on, suit, territory, place, tempt, play, authority, playable, post, crawl, interfere with, goal, ask for.

Sense 4

end, go with, involved, stand, box, surface.

Sense 5

net, home, hall, carry on, action, case, position.

Sense 6

serious, cheat, date.

Sense 7

provoke, wing.

Sense 8

pursue, together.

Sense 10

pitch, go out.

Sense 12


Sense 16


apartment building

apartment house.





curry favor

kiss up to.


pamper, brown-nose, kowtow.






make overtures.



Other synonyms and related words:

baseline, invite, dissent, crossbar, apostrophize, fawn, ruler, tourist court, atrium, judicial system, courtroom, go with, cloister, motor lodge, interregnum, home, jurist, cheat, motor inn, mash, pursue, backyard, carry on, place, go together, brown-nose, approach, enclosure, accuser, kangaroo court, motel, judicatory, coronation, vamp, coquet, depose, appeal, sovereignty, commoner, clay, viceroy, great, accede, quadrangle, bowl, plaza, flatter, accession, homage, steady, lawcourt, pamper, hall, litigation, royal court, chat up, gymnasium, serious, salute, committal, cost, together, quad, rule, justice, succession, dugout, apartment house, wing, butterfly, courtyard, dethrone, inquest, ruling, hail, regent, playing field, law court, patio, crawl, Astroturf, grovel, provoke, address, turf, district court, play, yard, grass, accost, judge, remand, docket, woodwork, crown, hearing, philander, solicit, cohabit, motor hotel, crease, tempt, cause, unplayable, beak, regency, ask for, practice, surface, date, dynasty, hook, suit, action, kingship, box, tap, look for, The, case, government, judgeship, beg, street, propitiate, chancery, alley, adjudicator, house, coquette, greet, bleachers, goal, Margaret Court, piazza, judiciary, embrace, kowtow, net, butter up, county court, abdicate.

Sense 1 (noun)

commoner, accede, piazza, yard, plaza, coronation, quad, abdicate, patio, enclosure, depose, atrium, quadrangle, dethrone, cloister, accession, crown.

Sense 2 (noun)

dissent, action, case, ruler, hall, government, committal, cause, class action.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

bleachers, clay, bowl, Astroturf, alley, place, crease, baseline.

Sense 6 (noun)

chancery, appeals court, county court, Crown Court, court of appeals.

Sense 7 (noun)

store up.

Sense 9 (noun)

crawl, brown-nose, propitiate, balancing act, kowtow.

Sense 10 (noun)

go with, carry on, cheat, dally with, go together, go out, fool around, cohabit, date.

Sense 11 (noun)

The, great, house.

building for legal proceedings (noun)


council (noun)

committee, league, convention, symposium, quorum, body, cabinet, assembly, panel, cadre, meeting, congregation, faction, coalition, parliament, inquisition, caucus, conference, council, legislature, congress, chamber, forum, summit.

court (noun)

homage, session, motor hotel, court of law, woo, bar, bench, appellate court, tourist court, board, supreme court, Margaret Court, motor lodge, courtyard, tribunal, royal court, court-martial, judicature, motor inn, solicit, motel, courtroom, romance, circuit court.

group (noun)

judicature, tribunal.

judge (noun)


judicial system (noun)

judge, kangaroo court, justice, law court, bar, tribunal, session, bench.

person (noun)

Margaret Court.

ruler's attendants (noun)


square (noun)


wooing (noun)

suit, address, homage.

yard, garden of building (noun)

forum, enclosure, quadrangle, plaza, cloister, piazza, patio, quad, street, courtyard.

endear (verb)

endear, bill and coo, hug, woo, spoon, dally, kiss, snuggle, make love, entice, coddle, cherish, ogle, cuddle, charm, flirt, seduce, nuzzle, caress, serenade, romance.

fawn over, pay attention to (verb)

entice, spoon, invite, charm, grovel, solicit, pursue, flatter, go with, serenade, go together, woo, date.

social (verb)

woo, romance, solicit.

Usage examples for court:

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