Pronunciation of Cousin
/kˈʌzən/, /kˈʌzən/, /k_ˈʌ_z_ə_n/

Synonyms for cousin:

Sense 1

auntie, maiden aunt, second cousin.

Other synonyms and related words:

first cousin, cousin-german, kinsman, second cousin, full cousin, auntie.

Sense 2 (noun)

maiden aunt, auntie.

blood relative (noun)


cousin (noun)

cousin-german, first cousin, full cousin.

family relation (noun)

kin, kinsman, relative.

friend (noun)

company, ally, buddy, friend, partner, amigo, schoolmate, brother, Familiar, sister, acquaintance, confidant, intimate, chum, playmate, roommate, pal, crony, comrade, teammate, companion, classmate, fellow, colleague, co-worker, mate.

kin (noun)

second cousin, kinsman.

kinship (noun)

heredity, aunt, clan, maternity, niece, blood, relative, brotherhood, Family, sisterhood, ancestor, kinfolk, mother, consanguinity, paternity, relation, nephew, kinship, kin, uncle, fraternity, father, lineage, flesh, fatherhood, motherhood.

person (noun)

cousin-german, first cousin, full cousin.

Usage examples for cousin:

  • " Come, Cousin Little John! - "Robin Hood", J. Walker McSpadden.
  • So- my cousin is your wife, I think you were saying? - "John Halifax, Gentleman", Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.
  • Where is my cousin? - "Porzia", Cale Young Rice.

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