Antonyms for creation:

death, end.

Synonyms for creation:

Sense 1

masterwork, organization, causation, work of art, pix, magnum opus, back catalog, chef-d'oeuvre, elicitation, outer space, causality, handiwork, objet d'art, the cosmos, fine art, writing, oeuvre, creature, masterpiece, period piece.

Sense 2

artwork, fact, Hyperspace, achievement, expression, contrivance, piece, composition, imagery, assemblage, foreground, recreation, cultivation, start up.

Sense 3

image, constitution, figment, art, canon, OP, fiction.

Sense 4

myth, determination, background.

Sense 6


Sense 9

wheel, work.

Sense 12








Other synonyms and related words:

contrivance, assemblage, fact, creative activity, achievement, trigger, Hyperspace, chef-d'oeuvre, excogitation, base, initiation, creature, piece, population, mental institution, mankind, foreground, substructure, canon, oeuvre, constitution, macrocosm, handiwork, masterpiece, image, concoction, design, foundation garment, picture, unveiling, imagery, mental home, coinage, masterwork, man, reality, humankind, promotion, intro, cultivation, authorship, knowledgeability, understructure, human race, populace, launching, construct, concept, paternity, opus, causality, work, cornerstone, humans, causation, art, basis, psychiatric hospital, fundament, groundwork, innovation, organization, foundation, worldly concern, composition, earthly concern, insane asylum, poem, figment, knowledgeableness, rise, mental hospital, induction, fiction, institution, asylum, magnum opus, universe of discourse, instauration, existence, domain, cosmea, insertion, recreation, human beings, work of art, elevation, grounding, founding, foot, upgrade, myth, preference, humanity, installation.

Sense 1 (noun)

fine art, artwork, back catalog, background, chef-d'oeuvre, assemblage, canon, composition.

Sense 3 (noun)

recreation, opus, elicitation, piece, determination, causality, cultivation, causation, art, magnum opus, work.

Sense 4 (noun)

start up, outer space, Hyperspace, constitution, organization, the cosmos, space.

Sense 6 (noun)

myth, figment, fiction.

act (noun)

creative activity.

all living things (noun)

universe, nature, cosmos, world, life, macrocosm.

beginning (noun)

spring, introduction, earliness, inauguration, infancy, prelude, start, emergence, source, commencement, cradle, embryo, preparation, stem, conception, dawn, birth, derivation, nativity, sprout, genesis, hatching, nascency, origin, babyhood, precursor, beginning, inception.

creation (noun)

origination, institution, innovation, instauration, formulation, existence, creative activity, founding, world, establishment, macrocosm, conception, initiation, cosmos, universe, foundation.

development of entity (noun)

nativity, making, inception, institution, foundation, formulation, establishment, genesis, production, formation, nascency, conception, imagination, constitution, origination, generation.

imagination (noun)

fantasy, imagination, thinking, Dreams, dream, creativity, supposition, brainchild, invention, contemplation, vision, idea, Daydreams.

invention, concoction (noun)

chef-d'oeuvre, brainchild, handiwork, concept, opus, work, piece, achievement, magnum opus.

life (noun)

nature, lifeblood, animation, vitality, life, life force.

poetry (noun)


production (noun)

generation, formation, development, construction, execution, fabrication, building, production, manufacture, making.

start-up (noun)

start up.

universe (noun)

galaxy, earth, heavens, globe, plenum, world, universe, cosmos, planet.

Usage examples for creation:

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