Pronunciation of Creep
/kɹˈiːp/, /kɹˈiːp/, /k_ɹ_ˈiː_p/

Synonyms for creep:

Sense 1

loudmouth, mother, toerag, arsehole, dink, chug, reprobate, goody-goody, public nuisance, son of a bitch, dipshit, Git, straggle, wretch, rotten apple, wanker, yahoo, job's comforter, hasten, persona non grata, drama queen, Typhoid Mary, yob, hanger-on, sicko, sidle, deviate, poke along.

Sense 2

intruder, drop back, swan, lurk, leper, fiend, tartar, limpet, prowl, comedian, pucker, merchant, deviant, fall behind, worm, crumple, sod, puke, pig, booger, trimmer, trundle, skulk, slink.

Sense 3

twinkle, falter, toil, glimmer, meander, horror, nudge, schlep, cuss, inch.

Sense 4

harden, snake, trickle, troll, gleam.

Sense 5

crease, furrow.

Sense 6

slide, drift, tighten, glide.

Sense 7


Sense 8

ease, edge.

Sense 10

trail, express, process.

Sense 12


Sense 13

climb, float.

Sense 14


Sense 17


Sense 18


Sense 19

draw, spread.

Sense 20


Sense 33


Sense 34


Sense 36




run out






Other synonyms and related words:

fawn, mouse, wanker, tingle, filch, blighter, Stinkard, churl, falter, rat, chuff, cur, move, yahoo, stinker, bugger, crawl, dink, front crawl, cower, drift, Git, sod, spook, float, weirdy, looney, loony, comedian, heel, crumple, steal, lout, kotow, buzzard, shrink, climb, swine, scumbag, intruder, express, slide, bounder, trail, booger, sneak, furrow, prowl, wretch, so-and-so, poke along, toady, hasten, jerk, weirdo, pig, wraith, beast, truckle, recoil, cross, run, dog, slink, set, ease, work, ghost, creeping, worm, flinch, wince, rotter, gleam, varmint, diddle, crazy, sidle, snake, skunk, draw, mope, specter, crawling, abstract, cabbage, cad, mother, wriggle, tartar, schmuck, weirdie, limpet, bootlick, pucker, spectre, trickle, twinkle, lift, slither, shade, spread, slob, nutcase, sicko, grovel, clown, pussyfoot, lurk, nudge, kowtow, grow over, sneaking, encroach, edge, cringe, process, dillydally, cretin, skulk, swipe, toerag, flash, crumb, inch, scuzzball, louse, trimmer, glide, chug, clear, slip, nobble.

Sense 1 (noun)

public nuisance, horror, yob, loudmouth.

Sense 2 (noun)

worm, drop back, trail, ease, move, fall behind, slide, snake, drift, meander.

Sense 3 (noun)

express, crumple, gleam, clear, lurk, skulk, furrow, glide, prowl, flash, falter, crease, slink, cross.

Sense 4 (noun)

inch, run.

cad (noun)

lout, rotter, stinker, worm, heel.

crawl (noun)

slither, edge, slink.

creep (noun)

fawn, schmuck, mouse, spook, crawling, steal, sneak, crawl, grow over, cower, weirdy, cringe, pussyfoot, creeping, weirdie, grovel, weirdo.

person (noun)

weirdo, spook, weirdy, weirdie.

snake in the grass (noun)

rat fink.

crawl along, usually on ground (verb)

lurk, inch, slither, edge, sneak, worm, slink, snake, steal, skulk, pussyfoot, glide, wriggle, grovel.

slow (verb)

drag, slow, delay, trudge, hinder, dawdle, plod, linger, poke, crawl, loiter.

Usage examples for creep:

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