Antonyms for crest:

nadir, rock bottom, foot.

Synonyms for crest:

Sense 1

cairn, payoff, beak, whitecaps, stagnate, cast up, wash away, edge, the treeline, low water, eddy, sea, wingtip, spatter, scree, gizzard, flood out, spume, glug, escarpment, breaker, neap tide, lee, upland, stir up, hilltop, Brae, the snow-line, apogee, plumage, spring tide, crag, fastigium, mudslide, talon, Sea level, tidemark, splatter, high-water mark, mountaintop, channel, heraldry, tideline, mountainside, low tide, cockscomb, backwash, riptide, hillside.

Sense 2

ledge, flood tide, undercurrent, sluice, soak in, wattle, slosh, slope, meander, lip, culminate, mandible, undertow, percolate, arms, subside, surf, high tide, landslide, ruff, brink, trough, disgorge.

Sense 3

web, pour, siphon, tide, roller, watershed, squirt, trickle, ebb, seethe, head, wash up, quill.

Sense 4

gap, slop, pump, empty, swill, vent, lap, comb, tumble.

Sense 5

gush, wash, run off, flank, spout, swell, spur, flow, herald, dribble.

Sense 6

overflow, ripple, shoulder, stream, go out, drip, deepen.

Sense 7

dash, divide, drain, spray, strengthen, collar, burst.

Sense 8

face, come in, splash, slide.

Sense 9


Sense 10

flood, rush.

Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 15


Sense 16


Sense 19

side, stand, rise.

Sense 21


Sense 22


Sense 23


Sense 31



coat of arms.




feather, plume.


escutcheon, scutcheon.





Other synonyms and related words:

eyeshade, cockscomb, mountaintop, blossom, tide, lee, payoff, pate, round top, sea, ne plus ultra, ledge, stream, burst, rise, lead, swell, divide, diadem, wash, shoulder, apogee, hilltop, wattle, elevation, bloom, crescendo, bakshis, upland, flank, totem, bill, course, confidential information, treetop, ruff, scutcheon, extremum, subside, vent, top side, flush, arms, flower, sum, tip-top, heraldry, superlative, quill, roller, vizor, spatter, coat of arms, seethe, summit meeting, landslide, billow, meridian, prime, pourboire, cover, big top, hillside, whirligig, height, deepen, catch, point, talon, backsheesh, upper side, tiptop, pass, pour, roll, comb, backwash, gratuity, riptide, pennant, bakshish, undercurrent, gap, upside, web, crag, ripple, vertex, wind, herald, circus tent, noontime, spume, heyday, trough, escutcheon, spinning top, down, edge, feather, brink, visor, fastigium, lap, collar, gizzard, baksheesh, jacket, face, spray, dash, culminate, Brae, noon, escarpment, spur, channel, head, tidemark, wingtip, glug, wing, ridge, efflorescence, plume, capstone, undertow, plumage, run.

Sense 1 (noun)

feather, plume, comb.

Sense 2 (noun)

billow, low tide, flood tide, breaker, backwash.

Sense 3 (noun)

apogee, beak, down, collar, cockscomb, fastigium, payoff, gizzard.

Sense 4 (noun)

crag, culminate, divide, escarpment, Brae, cairn, brink.

Sense 5 (noun)

catch, course, come in, burst, dash, cast up, channel, break, deepen.

Sense 6 (noun)

escutcheon, coat of arms, heraldry, herald.

artifact (noun)


billow (noun)


crest (noun)

crown, emblem, head, coat of arms, top, insignia, peak, symbol, pinnacle, summit, badge, apex, comb, plume, ridge, cockscomb.

emblem, symbol (noun)

badge, insignia.

ensign (noun)

coat of arms.

height (noun)


highest point (noun)

crown, top, apogee, peak, noon, pinnacle, vertex, ridge, head, fastigium, height, crescendo, culmination, climax, acme, apex, roof, summit.

indication (noun)

brand, emblem, insignia, motion, sign, legend, pointer, guidepost, lighthouse, banner, semaphore, stamp, notation, prompt, cue, figuration, label, tag, wink, logo, denotation, icon, gesture, marker, symbol, signpost, token, key, beacon, ticket, alert, logotype, gesticulation, flag, wave, badge, designation, indication, signal, hint.

location (noun)

peak, top, tip, summit, crown.

summit (noun)

top, highest point, limit, apex, tip, acme, maximum, peak, summit, zenith, extremity, topmost point, culmination, brow, pinnacle, cap, uppermost point, crown, climax.

title (noun)

garland, colors, honor, position, decoration, rank, seniority, bestowal, coronet, title, reverence, highness, role, place, shield, grace, chevron.

top (noun)

elite, roof.

topknot on head of animal (noun)

comb, cockscomb, plume, feather.

Usage examples for crest:

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