Pronunciation of Crisp
/kɹˈɪsp/, /kɹˈɪsp/, /k_ɹ_ˈɪ_s_p/

Antonyms for crisp:

untidy, indistinct, hot, flexible, straight, stale, limp.

Synonyms for crisp:

Saratoga chip

Saratoga Chip.

Sense 1

French Fries, turgid, fat-free, libelous, baked potato, rainproof, floury, warmed up, soupy, emphatically, nonfat, pejorative, lo-cal, nourishing, readable, ornate, filmy, uneaten, herbal, grandiloquent, fries, ponderous, hash browns, woolly, euphemistic, woven, eloquent, fire-retardant, woollen, jacket potato, crumbly, low-calorie, lyric, slangy, unprintable, tie-dyed, declamatory, soused, low-fat, Worded, conversational, Punchy, mashed potatoes, brushed, fleecy, polemical, stretchy, shakespearean, mash, fattening, three-ply, sugar-coated, mealy, deep pan, journalistic, sententious, stonewashed, chatty, chewy, rhetorically, microwaveable, jammy, discursive, rhetorical, frizzle, verbose, fibrous, tweedy, stylistic, lite, roundly, creased, chilled, nutritive, quilted, buttery, mentholated, home fries, perishable, crystallized, parenthetical, microwavable, flowery, wordy, gossipy, inarticulate, low-cal, colorfast, fatty, picturesque, diaphanous, woolen, latke, caramelized, prolix.

Sense 3

peanut, milky, diet, articulate, greasy, picnic, cellular, diabetic, instant, fruity, filling, sloppy, shoestring, unrefined, see through, stodgy, skinny.

Sense 4

rich, stringy, distressed.

Sense 5

formal, rough, cream.

Sense 6

organic, sticky.

Sense 7


Sense 9

hard, stretch, green.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 12

in, live.

Sense 16


Sense 21




all (adjective)


aphoristic (adjective)


brittle (adjective)

crumbly, fracturable, fragile, frangible, breakable, frail, brittle, crunchy, delicate.

brittle, dry (adjective)

crispy, fresh, firm, crumbly, short, green, crunchy.

cold (adjective)

rimy, chilly.

concise (adjective)


crunchy (adjective)


fresh, chilly (adjective)

brisk, clear.

intelligible (adjective)

decipherable, understandable, legible, direct, clear, plain, consistent, coherent, intelligible, self-explanatory, perspicuous, lucid, comprehensible, straightforward.

severe (adjective)

cutting, grim, brusque, puritanical, stringent, inflexible, hidebound, keen, blunt, sharp, caustic, obdurate, bleak, austere, meticulous, short, basic, strict, intolerant, acerbic, piquant, lean, severe, rigid, intense, oppressive, spare, curt, astringent, exacting, ascetic, relentless, precise, cool, demanding, rigorous, frosty, gruff, authoritarian, correct, tart, raw, dour, prudish, acute, censorious, stern, unbending, fundamental, uncompromising, spartan, obstinate, stiff-necked, chilly, critical, strait-laced, icy, brisk, disciplined, harsh, abrupt, imperial, acrimonious, dry, stark, draconian.

sharp (adjective)


short (adjective)


short, curt in presentation (adjective)

brusque, cutting, biting, brief, incisive, pithy, abrupt, penetrating, succinct, tart, terse.

smart, snappy in appearance (adjective)

spruce, neat, well-groomed, tidy, orderly.

succinct (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

circuitous, articulate, discursive, declamatory, diffuse, chatty, clean, conversational.

Sense 4 (noun)

fries, baked potato, hash browns, mash, home fries, French Fries, jacket potato, latke.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

filmy, fibrous, creased, distressed, brushed, diaphanous, cellular, Breathable, colorfast.

Sense 8 (noun)

chewy, cream, chilled, buttery, calorific, caramelized.

crisp (noun)

chip, nappy, nippy, laconic, crunchy, frosty, sharp, crease, scrunch, Saratoga Chip, tender, fresh, snappy, crinkle, potato chip, wrinkle, frizzly, toast, frizzy, curt, parky, crispy, cold, kinky, distinct, firm, curly, terse, scrunch up, concise, nipping, ruckle.

curt (noun)


food (noun)

potato chip, Saratoga Chip, chip.

Usage examples for crisp:

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