Pronunciation of Crook
/kɹˈʊk/, /kɹˈʊk/, /k_ɹ_ˈʊ_k/

Antonyms for crook:


Synonyms for crook:

Sense 1

kneel, factory farm, scrunch, charmer, cheat, brigand, corresponding angles, four-flusher, cow town, cower, acute angle, victimizer, claw, double over, huckster, rascal, loll, varlet, wheeler dealer, cheater, kiss-ass, edge, reflex angle, right angle, con artist, weasel, shyster, Bushranger, smoothie, gypper, straight angle, rogue, obtuse angle, shill, manger, CONMAN, snuggle, manipulator, shearing, shark, souvenir hunter, flimflammer, impostor, politician, fox, apple polisher, slouch, pillow, fraud, body snatcher, sheep dip, opposite angles, vertex, adjacent angles, complementary angles, con woman, crane, grifter, azimuth, round angle, ensconce, Cozener, pharisee, sleazebag, bandit, cattle prod, Diddler, liar, chiseler, supplementary angles, bestride, mountebank, crouch, fish farm, rustler, manure, flatterer, bottom feeder, corsair, sycophant, Defrauder, charlatan, burrow.

Sense 2

inclination, lasso, fiddler, knave, hitch, nosering, trickster, stick up, drape, husbandry, sham, shear, ox, nestle, lariat, pasture, farm, prod, hunch, fake, sharper, suck in, sleaze, adventurer, move over, humbug, arm, fatten, fixer, rook.

Sense 3

corral, herd, complement, tuck, operator, gyp, straddle, rope, artist, move up, hood, winter, ranch, trough.

Sense 4

crate, huddle, brand, milk, graze, get down, resume, melt.

Sense 5

duck, turn over, pen, squat, draw up, dairy.

Sense 6

lie, station.

Sense 7

litter, stir, shift, lean.

Sense 8

stall, throw, dip.

Sense 9


Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 14

hold, move.

Sense 15


Sense 16


Sense 17



flex, refract, camber.






elbow, knee.






inflect, turn.

Other synonyms and related words:

gyp, inclination, brigand, Defrauder, Cozener, crane, politician, azimuth, bias, ensconce, spell, shark, corsair, pull, nosering, Bend Dexter, graze, slew, crease, rope, shyster, con artist, diverge, edge, knave, squat, hood, dip, bending, recurve, cower, lean, shepherd's crook, shill, milk, rascal, construction, resume, inflect, pasture, Bushranger, impostor, sheer, flimflammer, winding, turning, lift, herd, CONMAN, cut, malefactor, rook, trough, trickster, stir, sycophant, drive, plication, turn, Diddler, twisting, routine, incline, flexure, whitlow, body snatcher, claw, crate, snuggle, turn of events, offender, artist, bout, tuck, operator, pen, spin, number, fraud, winter, chiseler, deviate, sharper, rogue, fiddler, hunch, cheater, act, stock, roll, stoop, hitch, mountebank, twine, brand, gypper, bit, slue, angle, vertex, con woman, twirl, balance, open, miscreant, elbow, wind, husbandry, rustler, litter, hypocrite, smuggler, crimp, inflection, farm, shift, varlet, kink, good turn, knee, victimizer, manure, wrench, go, cheat, liar, corral, apple polisher, arm, humbug, arc, device, bandit, veer, tour, dairy, curl.

Sense 1 (noun)

azimuth, obtuse angle, acute angle, adjacent angles, inclination, complement, corresponding angles, complementary angles.

Sense 2 (noun)

fixer, liar, angle, wheeler dealer, hypocrite, fraud, CONMAN, politician.

Sense 3 (noun)

burrow, crane, bestride, balance, double over, cower, crouch.

Sense 4 (noun)

cheater, gyp, cheat, flimflammer, trickster, chiseler, Diddler, Defrauder, bandit, sharper, rook, gypper, victimizer, Cozener.

Sense 5 (noun)

crate, dip, corral, brand, cow town, dairy, cattle prod.

angle (noun)


bandit (noun)


bend (noun)


confidence man (noun)

con artist.

criminal (noun)


criminal, thief (noun)

scoundrel, cheat, swindler, knave, Filcher, rogue, shark, villain, shyster.

crook (noun)

criminal, malefactor, bend, shepherd's crook, felon, curve, turn, outlaw.

curve (noun)

horseshoe, sinus, arch, circle, curve, spiral, parabola, bow, curvature, crescent, meniscus.

evildoer (noun)

gunman, criminal, thief, vampire, evildoer, law breaker, demon, monster, hooligan, ruffian, cutthroat, tyrant, fiend, vandal, bully, vulture, desperado, thug, ogre, viper, snake, tough, scoundrel, wrongdoer, terrorist, bad guy, brute, hoodlum.

hypocrite (noun)

pharisee, smoothie, hypocrite.

perpetrator (noun)


smuggler (noun)


thief (noun)

larcener, swindler, pickpocket, housebreaker, larcenist, outlaw, hijacker, lifter, pirate, prowler, stealer, Grafter, delinquent, villain, culprit, poacher, cat burglar, lawbreaker, highwayman, mugger, Filcher, felon, burglar.

bend (verb)

flex, warp, refract, twist, deflect, contort.

bend, angle (verb)

flex, round, curve, bow, wind, hook, snake.

curve (verb)

camber, round, bend, sweep, hook, hang, swerve, sag.

deform (verb)

disfigure, pervert, distort, mangle, deform, corrupt.

motion (verb)


Usage examples for crook:

  • " I'm a crook because it pays me to be a crook," said the girl calmly. - "Jack O' Judgment", Edgar Wallace.
  • Carries lamb and crook. - "Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: The Moth and the Flame", Clyde Fitch.
  • My friend here is not, as you intimate, a crook. - "Fore!", Charles Emmett Van Loan.

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