Pronunciation of Crop
/kɹˈɒp/, /kɹˈɒp/, /k_ɹ_ˈɒ_p/

Synonyms for crop:

Sense 1

granary, maize, inner circle, cultivation, cut away, unproductive, the in-crowd, starting gate, arable, cash crop, uncultivated, crop rotation, lariat, Focus Group, cultivated, silk, Terraced, haystack, rice paddy, Terracing, straw, stubble, cadre, reap, rick, scarecrow, subgroup, truck farm, the green revolution, spray, plantation, fertile, fallow, fruitful, clique, in-group, gouge out, fruitage, haymaking, Pack saddle, chop off, root crop, growing season, plowshare, paddy, riding crop, saw off, fertility, crop circle, new-mown, slice off, monoculture, gather in, winning post, vineyard, sheaf, hayrick, market garden, blinders.

Sense 2

girth, horsewhip, rein, rotation, production, saddle, infertile, lop off, plow, hurdle, irrigate, glean, failure, fail, furrow, till, plow up, bridle.

Sense 3

elite, combine, harness, corn, generation, garner, faction, stirrup, saddlery, pommel, shave off.

Sense 4

grain, stack, slash, terrace.

Sense 5

drill, lean, fence, pick.

Sense 6

tack, cut out.

Sense 7

cell, spur, knot, stall.

Sense 8

gather, cut off, bit.

Sense 9

post, whip.

cut short


feed on



output, produce.




lop off, shave off.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

garner, pick, gather, reap.

Sense 4 (noun)

corn, arable, fruitage, cultivated, combine, crop rotation, crop circle.

Sense 6 (noun)

girth, blinders, fence, horsewhip, harness, bridle, bit, hurdle.

Sense 7 (noun)

clique, cadre, faction, elite, cell, the in-crowd, Focus Group.

Sense 8 (noun)

cut away, lop off, gouge out, cut off, cut out, chop off.

crop (noun)

cut back, pasture, work, craw, trim, graze, snip, clip, browse, cultivate, dress, harvest, cut short, prune, range, lop.

crop up (noun)

come up, emerge, arise.

gizzard (noun)


hair (noun)

hair, curls, locks, tresses.

harvest (noun)

cash crop.

harvest of fruit, vegetable (noun)

fruitage, produce, output, product.

plant (noun)


produce (noun)


product (noun)


tobacco (noun)


vegetables (noun)


creation (verb)

cultivate, work.

cut, trim off (verb)

snip, curtail, pare, truncate, reduce, shorten, shear, chop, slash, shave, clip, lop, prune.

diminish (verb)

decrease, prune, concentrate, minimize, dwindle, deflate, lighten, pare, compress, taper, shrink, condense, bob, contract, shave, decrement, deplete, nip, shorten, abridge, abbreviate, weed, erode, diminish, trim, downgrade, truncate, lessen, compact, reduce.

reject (verb)

bar, disallow, blacklist, exhaust, eject, cull, clip, exclude, shear, emit, chop, discard, excrete, evacuate, reject, seep, exude, oppugn, deny, cut, blackball, disapprove, disgorge, vent, abandon, curtail, secrete, check, deep-six, scrap, eliminate, lop, belch, disclaim, jettison, spew, vomit, discharge, jilt, erupt, shed, excise, drain, snip, junk, trash.

subtract (verb)

discount, subtract, depreciate, elide, dock, delete, deduct, lower.

Usage examples for crop:

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