Pronunciation of Cropped
/kɹˈɒpt/, /kɹˈɒpt/, /k_ɹ_ˈɒ_p_t/

Antonyms for cropped:

uncropped, unplanted.

Synonyms for cropped:

Other synonyms and related words:

close-cropped, planted.

diminished (adjective)

deflated, concentrated, lessened, depleted, Leached, dropped, compressed, decremented, diminished, Lightened, sheared, abridged, pruned, Curtailed, cut, mowed, decreased, condensed, shaved, reduced, Bobbed, Pared, trimmed, downgraded, contracted, docked, removed, Compacted, deducted, lowered, shortened, Nipped, shrunken, clipped, abbreviated, Dwindled, drained, weeded, Receded, eroded, truncated, tapered.

reduced (adjective)

Elided, weeded, compressed, Deleted, pruned, subtracted, trimmed, contracted, abridged, Curtailed, lowered, deflated, Nipped, Bobbed, Pared, mowed, Discounted, Depreciated, removed, sheared, diminished, eroded, bated, reduced, cut, shaved, shortened, Snubbed, abbreviated, decreased, drained, deducted, docked, lessened, clipped.

cropped (noun)

pruned, lopped, clipped, lopped off, close-cropped, docked, planted.

diminished (verb)

Shrank, shrunk, minimized.

rejected (verb)

clipped, Excised, checked, vented, lopped, exhausted, scraped, evacuated, Disallowed, Emitted, Culled, Trashed, Eliminated, Denied, Exuded, barred, Spewed, Excreted, discharged, Belched, Vomited, Sniped, discarded, Excluded, drained, Secreted, cut, shedded, junked, abandoned, erupted, Blackballed, Disgorged, blacklisted, Ejaculated, jettisoned, Curtailed, Ejected, Disclaimed, deep-sixed, sheared, rejected, seeped, jilted, disapproved, Oppugned, chopped.

subtracted (verb)

Depreciated, Pared, diminished, sheared, Elided, shaved, docked, abridged, Curtailed, Bobbed, subtracted, reduced, lessened, cut, decreased, lowered, Deleted, clipped, deducted, trimmed, pruned, Discounted, weeded.

Usage examples for cropped:

  • Thus far, no unexpected difficulties had cropped up. - "The Wheel O' Fortune", Louis Tracy.
  • While they played they did not talk; but between the rubbers the subject cropped up again. - "Round the World in Eighty Days", Jules Verne.

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