Antonyms for customary:

irregular, rare, singular, state of the art, unusual, abnormal.

Synonyms for customary:

Sense 1

naturally, characteristic, stereotypical, normally, obligatory, peculiarly, typical, legal, vintage, archetypal, peculiar, mainline, like, official, textbook, historically, time-honored, typically, institutionalized, prototypical, paradigmatic.

Sense 2

natural, classic.

Sense 3

representative, due.








unwritten, legendary.


true to form.

accepted (adjective)

orthodox, traditional, conventional, prevalent, sanctioned, approved, established, accepted, Condoned, standard.

average (adjective)

middling, commonplace, mezzo, middle-of-the-road, common, stock, predominant, moderate, stereotype, median, everyday, conventional, mid, midmost, usual, ordinary, mediocre, halfway, dominant, run-of-the-mill, normal, average, mean, medium, standard.

conforming (adjective)

mannerly, congruous, proper, obedient, submissive, complying, Aping, conforming, traditional, Acquiescing, correct, regular, conventional, consist, formal, Adhering.

frequent (adjective)

recurrent, frequent.

habitual (adjective)

routine, habitual.

prescriptive (adjective)


regular (adjective)

periodic, constant, routine, Predominating, continual, cyclical, prevailing, accustomed, common, metronomic, orthodox, conventional, chronic, mundane, epochal, steady, canonical, monotonous, usual, universal, average, everyday, normal, rhythmic, stock, frequent, recurrent, standard, regular, general, Familiar, traditional, commonplace, ordinary, habitual.

usual, established (adjective)

frequent, accustomed, Familiar, universal, prescriptive, normal, everyday, general, ordinary, conventional, accepted, traditional, chronic, established, wonted, common, orthodox, routine, habitual, standard, popular, regular.

Sense 1 (noun)

archetypal, typical, classic, characteristic, prototypical.

customary (noun)

accustomed, wonted, habitual, conventional, usual.

Usage examples for customary:

  • " It is customary, you know," I went on as she started reluctantly. - "Man and Maid", Elinor Glyn.
  • Mr. Dallas," I says, " don't mek no mistek 'bout it- I's gittin' fresh already, w'ich it is the customary custom yere, an' the chances is I'll git still fresher yit. - "J. Poindexter, Colored", Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb.

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