Antonyms for cyclical:

noncyclic, noncyclical.

Synonyms for cyclical:

Sense 1

religiously, monthly, Isochronous, Isochronal.

Sense 2


Sense 3



anew, renewal, renewed, again, ad infinitum, over.


intermittent, periodical.

Other synonyms and related words:

circular, Isochronous, every other, diurnal, alternate, Isochronal, intermittent, renewal, again, cyclic, monthly, alternating, periodical, regularly.

all (adjective)


continuous (adjective)

invariable, unceasing, ceaseless, constant, unchangeable, continuing, recurrent, straight, homogeneous, monotonous, sequential, regular, unchanging, indefatigable, unending, persistent, coherent, undeviating, perennial, nonstop, continual, robot-like, flat, seamless, un-intermittent, interminable, lasting, habitual, consistent, connected, unbroken, level, monolithic, gapless, everlasting, unremitting, repeated, perpetual, continuous, featureless, steady, endless, even, unvarying, uniform, undying, consecutive, repetitive, incessant.

happening at regular intervals (adjective)

recurrent, repeated, repetitive, periodic, circular, regular.

recurrent (adjective)

cyclic, rhythmic, Isochronal, recurrent, repetitive, oscillating, Isochronous, regular, frequent, periodic.

regular (adjective)

chronic, conventional, standard, habitual, ordinary, accustomed, frequent, continual, recurrent, mundane, normal, common, monotonous, rhythmic, epochal, periodic, everyday, average, metronomic, Predominating, regular, general, traditional, prevailing, Familiar, constant, orthodox, steady, customary, universal, commonplace, stock, canonical, routine.

Sense 1 (noun)

Isochronal, periodical, Isochronous.

again (noun)

again, ad infinitum, renewed, over.

cyclical (noun)

circular, diurnal, every other, alternating, alternate, cyclic.

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