Synonyms for damask:

fabric (adjective)

gingham, rayon, alpaca, calico, nylon, fleece, fabric, worsted, wool, flannel, net, moleskin, cotton, chiffon, tulle, herringbone, batik, Celanese, dacron, acrilan, baize, challis, crinoline, crepe, taffeta, corduroy, twill, linen, oilcloth, broadcloth, serge, mohair, brocade, orlon, gabardine, canvas, sharkskin, horsehair, duffel, chintz, jersey, grenadine, denim, plaid, quilting, lame, gossamer, madras, burlap, tricot, velvet, percale, muslin, cambric, tweed, silk, astrakhan, matting, satin, paisley, bunting, sacking sailcloth, felt, sateen, longcloth, suede, cheesecloth, tarpaulin, foulard, cashmere, velour, seersucker, chenille.

red (adjective)

flushed, pink, poppy, red, puce, maroon, madder, brick, magenta, ruddy, carnation, vermilion, ruby, carmine, cherry, cinnabar, blushing, scarlet, wine-colored, copper, cerise, crimson.

Sense 1

voile, netting.

Sense 2

gauze, pinstripe, tartan, lace, mesh.

Sense 5


Other synonyms and related words:

mesh, gauze, fancy, tartan, pinstripe, voile, lace, netting, print.

Sense 1 (noun)

gauze, netting, pinstripe, lace, mesh.

damask (noun)


fabric (noun)


linen (noun)


Usage examples for damask:

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