Antonyms for dash:

dawdle, lot.

Synonyms for dash:

Sense 1

finish line, gas pedal, headrest, glove compartment, festinate, demister, dimmer, abandon, freestyle, pacesetter, passenger seat, emergency brake, marathon, jump seat, mileometer, finishing line, sunscreen, dashboard, rear-view mirror, obstacle race, length, steeplechase, eddy, safety belt, air bag, personal best, in-car, dead heat, driver's seat, stampede, horn, peppiness, stagnate, steering wheel, time trial, starting block, speedometer, racer, punctuation, vigorousness, sprinter, flood out, glug, animation, headroom, skitter, ginger, wash away, throw, gear stick, stick shift, slosh, bucket seat, defogger, brio, action, odometer, minim, back seat, footrest, instrument panel, stir up, photo finish, floorboard, racing, courage, oomph, track record, splatter, cast up, vestige, track event, vivaciousness, booster seat, accelerator, wheel, visor, rerun, relay race, leading, drop back, clock, three-legged race, seat belt, dip switch, false start.

Sense 2

head start, gearbox, bespatter, ignition, verve, lap, vim, insinuate, esprit, whisker, bustle, sliver, whiff, soak in, meander, dot, sluice, disgorge, hurl, sparkle, percolate, stick, fleck, spot, subside, start, vivacity, vigor, molecule, tittle, whisk, finish, ounce, zoom, jot, pep, hotfoot, rocket, highball, blight, pertness, outrun, liveliness, launch, leg, Ort.

Sense 3

intimation, semblance, fire, hasten, punch, toss, nip, seethe, rip, hurtle, squirt, vitality, dram, siphon, runner, slop, ebb, baton, zip, running, trickle, starch, sail, scruple, hurry-up, relay, fragment, wash up, pinpoint, sling, tincture, spray, pour.

Sense 4

ghost, heave, swill, empty, tingle, tumble, pump, pitch, whisper, streak, vein, bucket, tinge, hair, come, whiz, rejoin.

Sense 5

fling, haste, dribble, panic, hustle, whirl, wash, gush, time, spout, hint, shadow, leader, block, pack, crest, flow, run off.

Sense 6

drip, stream, ripple, breath, trifle, life, go out, pace, overflow, element, deepen.

Sense 7

cast, burst, chase, fly, scratch, strengthen, drain, channel.

Sense 8

come in, ahead, place, surge.

Sense 9

course, point.

Sense 10

lead, flood, measure, shade.

Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 15


Sense 19

rise, stand.

Sense 22












run away










Other synonyms and related words:

chase, shade, blight, hint, crush, scuttle, spirit, hyphen, animation, sling, snap, zip, splash, shoot, ruin, blast, tinge, scud, haste, bespatter, bustle, heave, HIT, streak, drive, flutter, throw, swash, splatter, vestige, hustle, vim, starch, cast, hurl, career, tincture, verve, spatter, hasten, toss, slosh, pitch, fire, energy, fly, dashboard, punch, launch, bolt, smash, dot, fling.

Sense 1 (noun)

dashboard, demister, dimmer, air bag, booster seat, accelerator, defogger, bucket seat, back seat.

Sense 2 (noun)

clock, come, dead heat, mark, false start, ahead, drop back, baton, punctuation.

Sense 3 (noun)

splash, hint, squirt, tinge.

Sense 4 (noun)

fire, hurl, sling, heave, throw, hurtle, cast, launch, toss, pitch, fling, confidence.

Sense 5 (noun)

spatter, swash, slop, bespatter, slosh, spray, splatter.

Sense 6 (noun)

fly, highball, festinate, rocket, hustle, zoom, zip, hasten, whiz, whisk, hotfoot, whirl, nip, bucket, rip, bustle, haste, sail.

Sense 8 (noun)


Sense 9 (noun)

measure, sliver, element, vestige, tingle.

Sense 10 (noun)

stampede, surge, panic.

action (noun)


attribute (noun)

flair, elan, panache, style.

bravery (noun)


courage (noun)

moxie, Bravura.

dash (noun)

daunt, dart, shoot, crash, smash, scoot, scare away, scare, frighten off, panache, pall, style, flash, scud, scare off, hyphen, frighten away, bolt, flair, sprint, dah, elan.

dash off (noun)

drop, rush, race, grain, dart, touch, bit, run, tinge, sprint, trace, bolt, hint, smidgen.

energy (noun)

get-up-and-go, juice.

fast race for short distance (noun)

run, zip, dart, bolt, haste, sprint, rush.

flair, style (noun)

esprit, spirit, oomph, flourish, energy, vivacity, animation, panache, vim, vigor, zing, brio, life, verve.

haste (noun)


hint (noun)


life (noun)


oomph (noun)


ostentation (noun)

flashiness, boastfulness, formality, opulence, parade, blatancy, affectedness, fuss, grandiloquence, splashiness, pomposity, sensationalism, gaudiness, vanity, grandiosity, ostentation, dramatics, swaggar, bravado, pomp, exhibitionism, rakishness, Flagrancy, pomp and circumstance, shamelessness, histrionics, flamboyance, garishness, pageantry, jauntiness, flourish, splendor, ornateness, snazziness, showmanship, showiness, Bravura.

particle (noun)

drop, dab, trace, bit, whit, speck, shred, scrap, modicum, pittance, particle, smithereen, iota, touch, smidgen, morsel, mite, atom, granule, Flyspeck, crumb, grain.

small amount; suggestion (noun)

grain, squirt, touch, smidgen, trace, streak, bit, tincture, trifle, tinge, hint, drop.

vigor (noun)


break by hitting or throwing violently (verb)

fling, plunge, splatter, hurtle, throw, sling, cast, smash, HIT, splash, hurl, crash.

change (verb)


contact (verb)


disappoint (verb)

disconcert, thwart, disillusion, dishearten, discourage, disappoint.

discourage, frustrate (verb)

blight, thwart, ruin, nip, disappoint, blast.

motion (verb)

flash, scoot, dart, shoot, scud.

run (verb)

gallop, lope, dart, scamper, race, trot, tear, jog, sprint, scurry, plunge, scramble, run, bound, rush, canter, hurry, scoot.

run very fast for short distance (verb)

chase, course, tear, bound, speed, hurry, race, gallop, career, charge, shoot, scoot, scurry, scamper, fly, hasten.

speed (verb)

hurry, gallop, rush, speed.

Usage examples for dash:

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