Synonyms for dean:

Sense 1

school board, guidance counselor, lunch lady, vice chancellor, school governor, minister, bursar, governing body.

Sense 2

rector, provost, chancellor.

Sense 3

senate, father.

james byron dean

James Byron Dean.

Other synonyms and related words:

father, James Dean, chancellor, bursar, rector, minister, registrar, James Byron Dean, doyen, senate, clergyman, provost.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

governing body, lunch lady, guidance counselor, provost, bursar, registrar, chancellor.

dean (noun)

James Dean, James Byron Dean, doyen.

director (noun)

magistrate, general, baron, overlord, king, boss, overseer, superintendent, ringmaster, mayor, warden, foreman, taskmaster, conductor, band master, queen, administrator, ringleader, supervisor.

leader of institution (noun)

authority, administrator, doyen, president, senior, principal.

master (noun)

landlady, director, manager, proprietor, executive, abbot, chief, star, headmistress, sire, mahatma, landlord, squire, titleholder, maestro, quartermaster, kingpin, headmaster, proprietress, authority, commander, leader, ruler, lord, principal, guru, governor, senior, master, captain, head, president, officer, mother, mandarin, commandant.

person (noun)

James Dean, James Byron Dean.

recorder (noun)


Usage examples for dean:

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