Antonyms for deceit:

reality, candor, probity, honesty, verity, ingenuousness, veracity, truthfulness, frankness, integrity, truth.

Synonyms for deceit:

Sense 1

newspeak, chicanery, misconduct, sleaze, funny business, sharp practice, jiggery-pokery, smoke and mirrors, fallacy, cant, crocodile tears, collusion, casuistry, bad faith, shiftiness, corruption, ruse, foul play, double talk, turpitude, dramatics, doublespeak, rigging, skulduggery, camouflage, monkey business, gentility, hot air, play-acting, obscurantism, Hanky Panky, Maneuvering, graft.

Sense 2

piety, histrionics, the black arts, cheat, sleight of hand, veneer.

Sense 3

cunning, guile.

Sense 8





artifice, wile.

Other synonyms and related words:

humbug, snow job, newspeak, sleight of hand, casuistry, cant, skulduggery, conjuring trick, falsification, dramatics, cheat, cheating, pretence, dissimulation, untruth, corruption, swindle, dissembling, treason, ruse, mendaciousness, Pettifoggery, prevarication, crocodile tears, camouflage, trickery, imposition, conjuration, guile, illusion, treachery, funny business, chicanery, deception, put on, shiftiness, piety, wile, doublespeak, dupery, mendacity, misrepresentation, collusion, fallacy, fabrication, hypocrisy, legerdemain, lying, cunning, lie, artifice, Hanky Panky, smoke and mirrors, monkey business, jiggery-pokery, sharp practice, magic trick, untruthfulness, hoax, rigging, deceitfulness, turpitude, act, Double dealing, trick.

Sense 1 (noun)

foul play, smoke and mirrors, misconduct, corruption.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)


attribute (noun)


cunning (noun)


deceit (noun)

dissembling, fraudulence, misrepresentation, deception, dissimulation.

deception (noun)

dupery, fraudulence, duplicity, deceptiveness.

dishonesty (noun)

sharp practice.

falsehood (noun)

dishonesty, duplicity, fiction, deceptiveness, fraudulence, figment, phoniness, crookedness, falsehood, delusion.

particular type of trick, misleading (noun)

humbug, ruse, trick, hoax, crocodile tears, snow job, wile, misrepresentation, cheat, swindle, imposture.

practice of misleading (noun)

cheating, deceitfulness, duplicity, imposition, artifice, treachery, hypocrisy, dissimulation, smoke and mirrors, dishonesty, fraudulence, guile, chicanery, deception, fraud, trickery, cunning, pretense.

pretension (noun)

facade, claim, imitation, show, counterfeit, front, affectation, disguise, cover, air, guise, ostentation, falseness, charade, fraud, fakery, masquerade, mannerism, impersonation, bluff, pretense, pose, forgery, stage, gimmick, imposture, pretension, device, artificiality.

sleight of hand (noun)

conjuration, legerdemain.

untruth (noun)


persuading (verb)

snow job.

Usage examples for deceit:

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