Pronunciation of Decrepit
/dɪkɹˈɛpɪt/, /dɪkɹˈɛpɪt/, /d_ɪ_k_ɹ_ˈɛ_p_ɪ_t/

Antonyms for decrepit:

healthy, young, robust, fit, hearty, sound, new.

Synonyms for decrepit:

Sense 1

fucked-up, superannuated, flyblown, uncared-for, rackety, geriatric, far gone, seedy, gnarled, down-at-heel, ratty, uninhabitable, august, scruffy, tatty, gaga, beaten-up, withered, grizzled, wizened, irretrievable, overage.

Sense 2

mangy, dingy, sleazy, shabby, unsound, gnarly, Decaying, forlorn, scrubby, tattered, puny, faded.

Sense 3

elder, do for, wretched, unsubstantial, aging, shoddy.

Sense 4

insubstantial, musty, get on, rundown, senior.

Sense 5

threadbare, delicate.







Other synonyms and related words:

delicate, rundown, aged, flyblown, broken-down, dilapidated, iii, grizzled, sleazy, rachitic, senile, wonky, broken, creaky, elderly, tattered, unaccented, fallible, shaky, worn, tumbledown, tatty, overage, ramshackle, down-at-heel, mangy, beaten-up, olden, puny, scrubby, bedraggled, deserted, aging, venerable, superannuated, faded, unsound, woeful, old, Decaying, hoary, wobbly, derelict, Rheumy, scruffy, dingy, seedy, shoddy, arthritic, withered, gaga, threadbare, elder, geriatric, time-honored, forlorn, woebegone, ratty, insubstantial, wizened, sapless, rheumatoid, shabby, light, musty, nerveless, tumble-down, Debile, flea-bitten, unsubstantial, lame, weakly, gray, uninhabitable, rheumatic, rackety.

deteriorated, debilitated, especially as a result of age (adjective)

fragile, feeble, threadbare, superannuated, worn, infirm, senile, dilapidated, creaky, weak, insubstantial, shabby, aged, seedy, doddering, rickety, unsound, broken-down, weakly, ramshackle, old, frail, flimsy, bedraggled, tumble-down.

disabled (adjective)


diseased (adjective)

sick, indisposed, nauseous, ailing, ill, unhealthy, infected, diseased, infirm, Inflicted, disabled, affected, cursed, pestilent, handicapped, sickly.

feeble (adjective)

ailing, powerless, weak, doddering, frail, sapless, rickety, flimsy, soft, sickly, feeble, debilitated, faint, run down, fragile, infirm.

old (adjective)

geriatric, grizzled.

scrubby (adjective)


sickly (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

tatty, seedy, sleazy, faded, scruffy, Decaying, shabby, rundown, shoddy, down-at-heel, ratty, dingy, mangy, tattered, scrubby, threadbare.

decrepit (noun)

feeble, weak, frail, creaky, worn, flea-bitten, weakly, run down, woebegone, sapless, infirm.

Usage examples for decrepit:

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