Synonyms for defect:

Sense 1

oust, bring down, Achilles' Heel, insufficiency, Noncompletion, failing, boycott, scarceness, riot, overthrow, revolt, chase, foment, scantness, blacklist, abnormality, scantiness, shortfall, destabilize, underside, apostatize, subvert, agitate, sit in.

Sense 2

poverty, lack, frailty, tergiversate, paucity, shortage, weakness, remove, underage, dislodge, demonstrate, disadvantage, bug, deficit, scarcity, rebel.

Sense 3

limitation, stop.

Sense 7


Sense 19


break down







give up.

Other synonyms and related words:

lack, blight, insufficiency, soil, dislodge, dent, march, smirch, shift, demerit, blacklist, demonstrate, failing, injury, foible, daub, rise, excrescence, scantness, stop, break, destabilize, poverty, rebel, tergiversate, apostatize, desolate, scarcity, malfunction, vice, deficit, chase, weakness, bug, paucity, abnormality, scarceness, agitate, scantiness, Noncompletion, geological fault, riot, disadvantage, limitation, Excrescency, blur, shortcoming, shortfall, Achilles' Heel, shortage, turn, subvert, underage, frailty, foment, revolt, boycott.

Sense 1 (noun)

deficit, lack, shortage, Achilles' Heel.

Sense 2 (noun)

blacklist, dislodge, failing, foible, bug, destabilize, agitate, foment, weakness, frailty, vice, demonstrate, boycott, bring down, chase.

Sense 3 (noun)

scarcity, shortfall, paucity, scarceness, insufficiency, scantiness, poverty, underage, scantness.

Sense 5 (noun)

tergiversate, apostatize, turn.

blemish (noun)

imperfection, disfigurement, scab, stigma, drawback, abrasion, discoloration, weal, wart, sore, deformity, brand, defacement, rift, impurity, lesion, eyesore, blotch, spoilage.

blemish, imperfection (noun)

kink, fault, speck, blot, weakness, blotch, discoloration, check, taint, error, mistake, scar, deficiency, vice, injury, break, foible, failing, bug, rift, shortcoming, scratch, spot, drawback, deformity, frailty, lack, mark, flaw, shortage, stain, scarcity.

defect (noun)

fault, blemish, shortcoming, desert, flaw.

deformity (noun)


error (noun)

miscalculation, aberration, flaw, error, typo, oversight, mistake, misprint, fallacy, distortion, falsehood, misestimation, blunder, slip, gaffe, misconception, Misjudgment, misconstruction, inaccuracy, fault.

imperfection (noun)

faultiness, inadequacy, incompleteness, deficiency.

lack (noun)


shortage (noun)

scarceness, scantness, underage.

weakness (noun)

foible, vice.

abandon (verb)

forsake, discontinue, resign, surrender, evacuate, relinquish, desert, quit, abdicate, vacate, abandon, drop, leave.

blemish (verb)

kink, speck, gash, check, deform, blot, slit, spoil, blemish, scrape, dot, fracture, tarnish, splotch, hurt, distort, chip, notch, nick, taint, pockmark, scar, fleck, disfigure, mark, score, scratch, mar, hack, damage, stain, discolor, blister, spot, abrade, deface, scuff, freckle.

break from belief, faith (verb)

rebel, withdraw, apostatize, forsake, abandon, desert, turn, revolt, tergiversate, renounce, leave, quit.

relinquish (verb)

release, forgo, shed, withdraw, waive, disclaim, capitulate, give up, renounce, disown.

renounce (verb)

cross, betray, disavow, backslide, abnegate, deny, retract.

social (verb)


Usage examples for defect:

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