Synonyms for demon:

Sense 1

cursed, accursed, ghost, exorcise, demonic, exorcism, possessed, possession.

Sense 2

worm, savior.



Other synonyms and related words:

demonic, fanatic, demigod, exorcism, heller, goliath, gremlin, accursed, possessed, daimon, Lusus Naturae, giant, dickens, cursed, teras, worm, colossus, genius, ghost, monstrosity, behemoth, possession, exorcise.

Satan (noun)

beelzebub, lucifer, serpent, deuce, mephistopheles.

Sense 1 (noun)

cursed, demonic, exorcism, exorcise, possession, accursed, possessed.

demon (noun)

daemon, fiend, ogre, daimon, monster.

evil, devilish being or influence (noun)

incubus, goblin, beast, succubus, monster, fiend, archfiend, vampire, imp, hellion, brute.

evildoer (noun)

hoodlum, viper, bully, ruffian, gunman, hooligan, law breaker, tough, crook, thug, criminal, cutthroat, tyrant, scoundrel, vulture, evildoer, snake, brute, wrongdoer, vandal, desperado, bad guy, thief, terrorist.

evil spirit (noun)

freak, fiend, hobgoblin, sprite, ghoul, vampire, Nixie, monster, sylph, Genie, gnome, dwarf, imp, siren, hellion, succubus, archfiend, goblin, satyr, specter, lamia, beast, incubus, hellcat, nymph, hell hound, hell-raiser, dragon, ogre, werewolf.

ghost (noun)

vampire, specter, daemon.

satan (noun)

deuce, fiend, mephistopheles, lucifer, archfiend, beelzebub, serpent.

troublemaker (noun)


Usage examples for demon:

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