Synonyms for deportation:

Other synonyms and related words:

fare, expulsion, transit, shipping, deportee, transportation, expatriate, emigration, transfer, transferral, transport, out-migration, dot, conveyance.

act (noun)

transportation, exile, expatriation.

banishment (noun)

removal, transportation, expatriation, extradition, exile, expulsion, displacement, ostracism, relegation.

deportation (noun)

transportation, exile, expatriation.

dismissal (noun)


exclusion (noun)

relegation, eradication, forbiddance, exile, elimination, extradition, prohibition, repudiation, exclusion, Disallowance, ostracism, expatriation, excision, proscription, rejection, disbarment, ejection, banishment, amputation, excommunication, ban, renouncement, abscission, removal, denial, boycott.

seclusion (noun)

apartheid, extirpation, standoffishness, confinement, loneliness, segregation, detachment, Reclusion, anonymity, seclusion, xenophobia, aloneness, isolation, captivity, separation, aloofness, solitude, alienation, misanthropy.

Usage examples for deportation:

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