Pronunciation of Deranged
/dɪɹˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒd/, /dɪɹˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒd/, /d_ɪ_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n_dʒ_d/

Antonyms for deranged:

stable, balanced, sane.

Synonyms for deranged:

Sense 1

non compos mentis.





mentally ill

madly, schizophrenic, bipolar, paranoiac, sick, paranoid, melancholic, diminished responsibility, depressed, shell-shocked, manic, witless.





Other synonyms and related words:

loony, manic, non compos mentis, bedlam, barmy, nuts, witless, paranoid, phrenetic, mental, balmy, loco, Daffy, crackers, bats, haywire, meshuga, crackpot, crazed, depressed, wacky, half-crazed, bonkers, cracked, sick, screwy, WUD, bipolar, cranky, unsound, schizophrenic, certifiable, moonstruck, bughouse, gaga, unhinged, fruity, paranoiac, brainsick, cuckoo, wacko, psychopathic, daft, crackbrained, shell-shocked, rabid.

chaotic (adjective)

lax, loose, rambunctious, blurry, anarchical, shapeless, disordered, tumultuous, undisciplined, messy, amorphous, lawless, inconsistent, formless, anarchistic, insane, muddled, disorganized, frenzied, incoherent, disheveled, inexact, deformed, embroiled, out of control, Disintegrated, irregular, chaotic, frantic, confused, wild, disconnected, obscure, jumbled, indistinct, cluttered, indefinite, tempestuous, disarrayed, fuzzy, discomposed, uneven, inchoate, disorderly, perturbed, unruly.

crazed (adjective)

certifiable, hysterical, berserk.

crazy, insane (adjective)

disarranged, unhinged, nuts, berserk, maniacal, disordered, mad, loco, crazed, lunatic, frenzied, Displaced, unsound, irrational, unbalanced, frantic, demented, cracked, delirious.

daft (adjective)


insane (adjective)

daft, hysterical, kooky, mental, delirious, crazed, blithering, lunatic, loco, nutty, psycho, mad, berserk, frenzied, moonstruck, babbling, balmy, crazy, brain-sick, schizoid, Crack-brained, unbalanced, insane, feverish, irrational, demented, batty, crackers, gaga, maniacal, neurotic, schizophrenic, psychotic.

nonconforming (adjective)

funny, off, crosspatch, uncustomary, crazy, atypical, incompatible, out of the ordinary, divergent, odd, idiosyncratic, extraordinary, unfamiliar, misfit, mismatch, irregular, abnormal, aberrant, outlandish, nonconforming, improper, quirky, bizarre, freakish, oddball, exceptional, unique, different, uncommon, strange, singular, un-ordinary, novel, inconsistent, oddity, deviant, unconventional, incongruous, fey, eccentric, peculiar, untypical, erratic, anomalous, curious.

violent (adjective)


deranged (noun)

insane, crazed, half-crazed.

disordered (noun)

dislocated, disordered, Displaced, disheveled, misplaced.

insane (noun)

daft, barmy, nuts, nutty, lunatic, mad, cracked, unbalanced, batty, irrational, upset, cuckoo, crazed, loony, loco, insane, crazy, manic, unhinged, wacky, demented, sick, frenzied, mental, bonkers, psycho, berserk, screwy.

mentally ill (noun)

diminished responsibility, bipolar, depressed.

deranged (verb)

fermented, Whipped, discomposed, disarranged, blurred, Displaced, roiled, rumpled, confused, disturbed, tousled, scrambled, cluttered, Tossed, disorganized, confounded, Tampered, Hashed, mixed up muddled, disordered, Capsized, Tumbled, disheveled, perturbed, troubled, Rummaged, ruffled, botched, roughened, Meddled, jumbled, misplaced, Mussed, upset, Whisked, Churned, rippled, Convulsed, mislaid, Swirled, agitated, scattered, dislocated, Messed.

Usage examples for deranged:

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