Synonyms for designation:

Sense 1

family name, assumed name, nom de plume, Christian Name, last name, misnomer, pet name, a.k.a., nickname, signature, pseudonym, full name, alias, given name, forename, sobriquet, word, maiden name, middle name, nom de guerre, first name.

Sense 2

admission, handle, prefix.



Other synonyms and related words:

assigning, appointment, date, admission, heading, cognomen, Compellation, sobriquet, recognition, prefix, pseudonym, duty assignment, stipulation, fitting, nomination, signature, naming, assignment, nickname, appointee, word, grant, handle, nomenclature, appellative, engagement, misnomer.

Sense 1 (noun)

first name, a.k.a., alias, assumed name, Christian Name, family name.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

nickname, handle.

appointment (noun)


authorization (noun)

assent, authorization, warrant, blessing, empowerment, certification, sanction, confirmation, notarization, authentication, validation, commission, entitlement, agreement, license, permission, approval, enfranchisement, affirmation, consent.

categorization (noun)


category (noun)

degree, line, breed, stripe, step, clan, genus, grade, people, persuasion, rank, mold, type, set, species, level, Family, category, classification, class, stock, genotype, variety, order, make, style, taxonomy, series, sort, kingdom, race, grain, strain, caste, denomination, form, kind, feather, ilk, phylum.

condition (noun)


delegation, selection (noun)

appointment, indication, recognition.

designation (noun)

denomination, assignment, appointment, appellative, identification, appellation, naming.

indication (noun)

cue, key, alert, symbol, signal, beacon, gesticulation, gesture, logo, logotype, notation, legend, token, prompt, sign, insignia, wink, banner, crest, brand, signpost, flag, wave, lighthouse, label, tag, ticket, pointer, semaphore, indication, motion, guidepost, stamp, badge, denotation, figuration, icon, emblem, hint, marker.

name (noun)

term, title, appellation, epithet, identity, name.

name, label, mark (noun)

style, Compellation, cognomen, nickname, appellation, epithet, classification, moniker, identification, title, appellative, denomination, class.

nomenclature (noun)

moniker, surname, honorific, identification.

title (noun)


word (noun)


naming (verb)


Usage examples for designation:

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