Pronunciation of Despondent
/dɪspˈɒndənt/, /dɪspˈɒndənt/, /d_ɪ_s_p_ˈɒ_n_d_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for despondent:

cheerful, happy, joyful, hopeful, elated.

Synonyms for despondent:



Other synonyms and related words:

disappointed, heavy, sorrowful, heartsore, down in the mouth, brokenhearted, droopy, woebegone, morbid, sorry, downcast, low-spirited, rueful, heartsick, melancholic, cast down, doleful, heavyhearted, Saddened, low, crestfallen, inconsolable, down.

all (adjective)


brokenhearted (adjective)

heartsore, wretched, heartsick.

crestfallen (adjective)

cast down.

dejected (adjective)

anguished, downhearted, moody, mournful, dolorous, glum, anxious, discouraged, sad, dreary, dispirited, depressed, doleful, blue, plaintive, melancholy, heartbroken, joyless, disconsolate, morose, woeful, miserable, disheartened, grim, sullen, pensive, contemplative, dejected, wistful, overcome, gloomy, lachrymose, despairing.

depressed (adjective)

disconsolate, hopeless, sad, spiritless, disheartened, melancholic, wretched, woebegone, sorrowful, morose, low, downhearted, downcast, miserable, melancholy, dispirited, despairing, blue, gloomy, doleful, dejected, forlorn, down, glum, low-spirited, discouraged.

disappointed (adjective)


discontent (adjective)

disapproving, bored, dissatisfied, disquieted, uneasy, disgruntled, cross, anguished, miserable, ticked off, cheerless, irreconcilable, discomposed, fed up, wretched, ungratified, irritated, gloomy, joyless, displeased, dissident, exasperated, uncomfortable, malcontent, teed off, anxious, non-satisfied, unhappy, frustrated, sour, restless, discontent.

hopeless (adjective)

dismal, cheerless, desperate, hopeless, glum, discouraged, dejected, dispirited, bleak, forlorn, anguished, depressed, morose, despairing, pessimistic, melancholy, downhearted, spiritless, miserable, disheartened, gloomy.

pitiful (adjective)


woebegone (adjective)


despondent (noun)

hopeless, heartsick.

displeased (verb)


Usage examples for despondent:

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